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Abbreviated Title: J. Appl. Comput. Mech.

Publisher: Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran

Published in Association with: M&MoCS - Università dell’Aquila, Italy

Editor-in-Chief: Shapour Moradi

Director-in-Charge: Kourosh Heidari Shirazi

Managing Editor: Hamid Mohammad-Sedighi

Address: Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Golestan Street, Ahvaz, 61357-43337 Iran

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DOI: 10.22055/JACM

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Research Paper

1. An Efficient Implementation of Phase Field Method with Explicit Time Integration

Pages 373-382


Wenlong Zhang; Ala Tabiei

2. Finite Element Analysis of Low Velocity Impact on Carbon Fibers/Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Polymer Composites

Pages 383-393


Farzad Pashmforoush

3. Simple Two Variable Refined Theory for Shear Deformable Isotropic Rectangular Beams

Pages 394-415


R.P. Shimpi; P.J. Guruprasad; K.S. Pakhare

4. Vibration Analysis of Different Types of Porous FG Conical Sandwich Shells in Various Thermal Surroundings

Pages 416-432


Mohsen Rahmani; Younes Mohammadi; Farshad Kakavand; Hamed Raeisifard

5. Heat Transfer Analysis of Nanofluid Flow with Porous Medium through Jeffery Hamel Diverging/Converging Channel

Pages 433-444


Akinbowale T. Akinshilo; Adeleke Ilegbusi; Hafiz M. Ali; Abdul-Jalil Surajo

6. On Green and Naghdi Thermoelasticity Model without Energy Dissipation with Higher Order Time Differential and Phase-Lags

Pages 445-456


Ahmed Abouelregal

7. Thermal Buckling Analysis of Functionally Graded Euler-Bernoulli Beams with Temperature-dependent Properties

Pages 457-470


Wei-Ren Chen; Chun-Sheng Chen; Heng Chang

8. Stability Assessment of the Flexible System using Redundancy

Pages 471-479


Yonghui Park

9. Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controller for MIMO Peripheral Milling Process

Pages 480-492


Arash Bahari Kordabad; Mehrdad Boroushaki

10. A FEM Multiscale Homogenization Procedure using Nanoindentation for High Performance Concrete

Pages 493-504


Fazilay Abbès; Boussad Abbès; Rim Benkabou; Aïssa Asroun

11. Using the Finite Element Analysis Method to Study the 3-point Bending Test for the Characterization of the Adherence

Pages 505-516


Jean-Baptiste Sauvage; Pierre Chalandon; Dominique Poquillon; Michel Nardin; Maëlenn AUFRAY

12. Modelling of Love Waves in Fluid Saturated Porous Viscoelastic Medium resting over an Exponentially Graded Inhomogeneous Half-space Influenced by Gravity

Pages 517-530


Raju Kumhar; Santimoy Kundu; Shishir Gupta

13. Numerical Scrutinization of Three Dimensional Casson-Carreau Nano Fluid Flow

Pages 531-542


P. Naga Santoshi; G.V. Ramana Reddy; P. Padma

14. Sealing Performance of the End Fitting of a Marine Unbonded Flexible Pipe under Pressure Penetration

Pages 543-553


Liping Tang; Wei He; Xiaohua Zhu; Yunlai Zhou

15. Effect of Tool Shoulder and Pin Cone Angles in Friction Stir Welding using Non-circular Tool Pin

Pages 554-563


J. Stephen Leon; V. Jayakumar

16. Impact of Blood Vessel Wall Flexibility on the Temperature and Concentration Dispersion

Pages 564-581


J.V. Ramana Reddy; D. Srikanth

17. Prediction of Entrance Length for Magnetohydrodynamics Channels Flow using Numerical simulation and Artificial Neural Network

Pages 582-592


Mohammad Hasan Taheri; Nematollah Askari; Mohammad Hadi Mahdavi

18. A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm for Truss Structures with Discrete Variables

Pages 593-604


Fereydoon Omidinasab; Vahid Goodarzimehr

19. Multivariate Jeffrey Fluid Flow past a Vertical Plate through Porous Medium

Pages 605-616


D. Dastagiri Babu; S. Venkateswarlu; E. Keshava Reddy

20. On the Six Node Hexagon Elements for Continuum Topology Optimization of Plates Carrying in Plane Loading and Shell Structures Carrying out of Plane Loading

Pages 617-639


K.N.V. Chandrasekhar; V. Bhikshma; S. Abdul Mohi

21. Effects of Non-uniform Suction, Heat Generation/Absorption and Chemical Reaction with Activation Energy on MHD Falkner-Skan Flow of Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid over a Stretching/Shrinking Eedge

Pages 640-652


A. Patra; M.K. Nayak; Ashok Misra

22. Effect of Chemical Reaction on Bioconvective Flow in Oxytactic Microorganisms Suspended Porous Cavity

Pages 653-664


Chandra Shekar Balla; Ramesh Alluguvelli; Kishan Naikoti; Oluwole Daniel Makinde

23. Nonlinear Buckling and Post-buckling of Shape Memory Alloy Shallow Arches

Pages 665-683


George C. Tsiatas; Ioannis N. Tsiptsis; Antonis G. Siokas

24. Laplace Variational Iteration Method for Modified Fractional Derivatives with Non-singular Kernel

Pages 684-698


Huitzilín Yépez-Martínez; José Francisco Gómez-Aguilar

25. The Density-Driven Nanofluid Convection in an Anisotropic Porous Medium Layer with Rotation and Variable Gravity Field: A Numerical Investigation

Pages 699-712


Dhananjay Yadav


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