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Research Paper

1. On Approximate Stationary Radial Solutions for a Class of Boundary Value Problems Arising in Epitaxial Growth Theory

Pages 713-734


Amit Kumar Verma; Biswajit Pandit; Ravi P. Agarwal

2. Variational Principle for the Generalized KdV-Burgers Equation with Fractal Derivatives for Shallow Water Waves

Pages 735-740


Ji-Huan He

3. Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer over Staggered ꞌ+ꞌ Shaped Obstacles

Pages 741-756


Younes Menni; Ali J. Chamkha; Ahmed Azzi

4. Torsional Aeroelasticity of a Flexible VAWT Blade using a Combined Aerodynamic Method by Considering Post-stall and Local Reynolds Regime

Pages 757-776


Shahrokh Shams; Ahad Molaei; Babak Mirzavand

5. Influence of Temperature Pulse on a Nickel Microbeams under Couple Stress Theory

Pages 777-787


Moez M. Benhamed; Ahmed Abouelregal

6. Mechanics of 2D Elastic Stress Waves Propagation Impacted by Concentrated Point Source Disturbance in Composite Material Bars

Pages 788-800


Abhinav Singhal; Soniya Chaudhary

7. Experimental Study of the Heat Transfer Enhancement in Concentric Tubes With Spherical and Pyramidal Protrusions

Pages 801-812


Afrasyab Khan

8. Experimental and Numerical Buckling Analysis of Carbon Fiber Composite Lattice Conical Structure before and after Lateral Impact

Pages 813-822


Ahmad Ahmadifar; Mohammad Reza Zamani; Ali Davar; Jafar Eskandari Jam; Mohsen Heydari Beni

9. 3D Optimization of Gear Train Layout Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Pages 823-840


Mehrdad Hoseini Asl; Javad Jafari Fesharaki

10. Designing and Creating a Mouse Using Nature-Inspired Shapes

Pages 841-847


Abolfazl Foorginejad; Mohammad Lakhi

11. Numerical Solution of Caputo-Fabrizio Time Fractional Distributed Order Reaction-diffusion Equation via Quasi Wavelet based Numerical Method

Pages 848-861


Sachin Kumar; José Francisco Gómez-Aguilar

12. Optimum Design of Liquified Natural Gas Bi-lobe Tanks using Finite Element, Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network

Pages 862-877


Mohammadreza Salarkia; Sa’id Golabi; Behzad Amirsalari

13. Stress Intensity Factor Expression for Welded Butt Joint with Undercut and Inclined Lack of Penetration Defects considering the Effect of Joint Shape

Pages 878-892


Akbar Jafari; Mohsen Rezaeian Akbarzadeh

14. Dynamic Analysis of the Biomechanical Model of Head Load Impact Using Differential Transform Method

Pages 893-907


Olurotimi A. Adeleye; Olufemi Ipinnimo; Ahmed Yinusa; Otobo E. Precious

15. Free Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Beams with Cracks

Pages 908-919


Shkelzen Shabani; Yusuf Cunedioglu

16. Optimization of the Prismatic Core Sandwich Panel under Buckling Load and Yield Stress Constraints using an Improved Constrained Differential Evolution Algorithm

Pages 920-933


Keramat Malekzadeh Fard; A.R. Pourmoayed

17. Comprehensive Investigating on the Aerodynamic Influences of the Wheel Contact Patch

Pages 934-955


Xiaoyan Yu; Qing Jia; Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi; Zhigang Yang

18. Multiple Solutions for Slip Effects on Dissipative Magneto-Nanofluid Transport Phenomena in Porous Media: Stability Analysis

Pages 956-967


Yogesh Gupta; Puneet Rana; Osman Anwar Beg; Ali Kadir

19. Traveling Wave Solutions of 3D Fractionalized MHD Newtonian Fluid in Porous Medium with Heat Transfer

Pages 968-984


Muhammad Jamil; Arsalan Ahmed

20. Dufour and Soret Effects on Unsteady Heat and Mass Transfer for Powell-Eyring Fluid Flow over an Expanding Permeable Sheet

Pages 985-998


G.C. Layek; B. Mandal; K. Bhattacharyya

21. Magnetohydrodynamics Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer over a Permeable Shrinking Sheet with Joule dissipation: Analytical Approach

Pages 999-1011


Mohsen Javanmard; Mohammad Hasan Taheri; Nematollah Askari

22. Three Dimensional Non-linear Radiative Nanofluid Flow over a Riga Plate

Pages 1012-1029


A.K. Abdul Hakeem; P. Ragupathi; S. Saranya; B. Ganga

Review Paper

23. The Optimal Design of Heat Sinks: A Review

Pages 1030-1043


Hussein T. Dhaiban; Maha A. Hussein

Research Paper

24. Finite Element Analysis of Functionally Graded Skew Plates in Thermal Environment based on the New Third-order Shear Deformation Theory

Pages 1044-1057


Hoang Lan Ton-That

25. Spectral Quasi-linearization for MHD Nanofluid Stagnation Boundary Layer Flow due to a Stretching/Shrinking Surface

Pages 1058-1068


Hiranmoy Mondal; Shipra Bharti


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