Research Paper

1. Local and Global Approaches to Fracture Mechanics Using Isogeometric Analysis Method

Pages 168-180


Abdolghafoor Khademalrasoul; Reza Naderi

2. Vibration analysis of a rotating closed section composite Timoshenko beam by using differential transform method

Pages 181-186


Saeed Talebi; Hamed Uosofvand; Alireza Ariaei

3. Dynamical Behavior of a Rigid Body with One Fixed Point (Gyroscope). Basic Concepts and Results. Open Problems: a Review

Pages 187-206


Svetoslav Ganchev Nikolov; Nataliya Nedkova

4. Buckling Analysis of Cantilever Nanoactuators Immersed in an Electrolyte: A Close Form Solution Using Duan-Rach Modified Adomian Decomposition Method

Pages 207-219


Mohammad Ghalambaz; Mehdi Ghalambaz; Mohammad Edalatifar

5. Analytical Solution of Linear, Quadratic and Cubic Model of PTT Fluid

Pages 220-228


Naeem Faraz; Hou Lei; Yasir Khan

6. Pull-in behavior of a bio-mass sensor based on an electrostatically actuated cantilevered CNT with consideration of rippling effect

Pages 229-239


Nazanin Farjam