Research Paper

1. Modeling of the intermolecular Force-Induced Adhesion in Freestanding Nanostructures Made of Nano-beams

Pages 1-7


Alireza Yekrangi; Rahman Soroush

2. Investigation of the vdW Force-Induced Instability in Nano-scale Actuators Fabricated form Cylindrical Nanowires

Pages 8-20


Rahman Soroush; Alireza Yekrangi

3. Jeffery Hamel Flow of a non-Newtonian Fluid

Pages 21-28


Umar Khan; Naveed Ahmed; Waseem Sikandar; Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din

4. An Analytical Technique for Solving Nonlinear Oscillators of the Motion of a Rigid Rod Rocking Bock and Tapered Beams

Pages 29-34


Gamal Ismail

5. Periodic Solutions of the Duffing Harmonic Oscillator by He's Energy Balance Method

Pages 35-41


A. M. El-Naggar; Gamal Ismail

6. Saint-Venant torsion of non-homogeneous anisotropic bars

Pages 42-53


John T. Katsikadelis; George C. Tsiatas