Research Paper

1. Free Vibration of Annular Plates by Discrete Singular Convolution and Differential Quadrature Methods

Pages 128-133


Kadir Mercan; Hakan Ersoy; Omer Civalek

2. Springbackward Phenomenon of a Transversely Isotropic Functionally Graded Composite Cylindrical Shell

Pages 134-143


V. R. Manthena; N. K. Lamba; G. D. Kedar

3. Conjugate and Directional Chaos Control Methods for Reliability Analysis of CNT–Reinforced Nanocomposite Beams under Buckling Forces; A Comparative Study

Pages 144-151


Behrooz Keshtegar; Zeng meng

4. Generalized Warping In Flexural-Torsional Buckling Analysis of Composite Beams

Pages 152-173


Amalia Argyridi; Evangelos Sapountzakis

5. Deformation Characteristics of Composite Structures

Pages 174-191


Theddeus T. AKANO; Omotayo. A FAKINLEDE; Patrick Shola Olayiwola

6. Modified Rectangular Patch Antenna Loaded With Multiple C Slots for Multiple Applications

Pages 192-199


Amit Kumar Jain; Monika Surana