Research Paper

1. Buckling Analysis of a Micro Composite Plate with Nano Coating Based on the Modified Couple Stress Theory

Pages 1-15


Mohammad Malikan

2. Ritz Method Application to Bending, Buckling and Vibration Analyses of Timoshenko Beams via Nonlocal Elasticity

Pages 16-26


Seyyed Amir Mahdi Ghannadpour

3. Quasi-Static Transient Thermal Stresses in an Elliptical Plate due to Sectional Heat Supply on the Curved Surfaces over the Upper Face

Pages 27-39


Lalsingh Khalsa; Ishaque Khan; Vinod Varghese

4. Buckling and Vibration Analysis of Tapered Circular Nano Plate

Pages 40-54


Mehdi Zarei; Gholamreza Faghani; Mehran Ghalami; Gholam Hossien Rahimi

5. Reducing Retrieval Time in Automated Storage and Retrieval System with a Gravitational Conveyor Based on Multi-Agent Systems

Pages 55-68


Imén Kouloughli; Pierre Castagna; Zaki Sari

6. Experimental Investigation on Radial Ball Bearing Parameters Using Taguchi Method

Pages 69-74


G. Maheedhara Reddy; V. Diwakar Reddy; B. Satheesh Kumar; J. Shyamsunder