Author = Palacio-Fernande, Jos�� Alfredo
Geometric Optimization of Jet Pump Used in Vacuum ‎Distillation Applications under Different Operating Conditions ‎using Genetic-algorithm Methods

Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2022, Pages 340-358


William Orozco Murillo; Iván D. Patiño Arcila; José A. Palacio-Fernández

Analysis of a Jet Pump Performance under Different Primary Nozzle ‎Positions and Inlet Pressures using two Approaches: One Dimensional ‎Analytical Model and Three Dimensional CFD Simulations‎

Volume 6, Special Issue, December 2020, Pages 1228-1244


William Orozco Murillo; José Alfredo Palacio-Fernande; Iván David Patiño Arcila; Johan Steven Zapata Monsalve; John Alexander Hincapié Isaza