Numerical Study of the Dynamic Response of Elevated Steel ‎Conical Tank under Vertical Seismic Excitation - Case Study

Document Type : Research Paper


1 FIMAS Laboratory, University of Tahri Mohamed Bechar, 08000, Algeria‎

2 Department of Civil Engineering, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney NSW 2007, Australia‎


Elevated cylindrical and conical steel tanks are widely used to conserve water or chemical liquids. These important structures are required to stay protected and operative at any time. The wall angle inclination of conical tank part, as well as the presence of the vertical earthquake component, can cause damage to this structure and even lead to its failure. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of wall angle inclination of the tank and the vertical earthquake acceleration component on the nonlinear dynamic stability of the elevated steel conical tanks under seismic excitation. The elevated steel conical tank is simulated utilizing the finite element analysis method using ANSYS software. The fluid-structure interaction is considered using a suitable interface that allows the fluid to apply hydrodynamic pressures on the structure. Three different models, namely Model –A-30°, Model –B-45°and Model –C-60° are investigated; it has been concluded that the impact of inclination of the tank wall significantly affects the nonlinear stability of the elevated steel conical tank. While considering the vertical ground acceleration, inclination plays a significant role in the design of this type of structures. Therefore, it should be appropriately included in the seismic analysis of elevated steel conical tanks to satisfy the safety of the elevated steel conical tank response under seismic loading.


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