Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2, April 2023, Pages 302-589 

Research Paper

An Exact Analytical Solution for Heat Conduction in a ‎Functionally Graded Conical Shell

Pages 302-317


Amin Amiri Delouei; Amin Emamian; Sajjad Karimnejad; Yueming Li

A Novel Flexible Lane Changing (FLC) Method in Complicated ‎Dynamic Environment for Automated Vehicles

Pages 318-331


Mohsen Rafat; Shahram Azadi

Performance Investigation of Simple Low-dissipation AUSM ‎‎(SLAU) Scheme in Modeling of 2-D Inviscid Flow in Steam ‎Turbine Cascade Blades

Pages 332-345


Fahimeh Ebrahimzadeh Azghadi; Mahmoud PasandidehFard; Mohammad Reza Mahpeykar

Numerical Simulations of Spoiler’s Effect on a Hatchback and a ‎Sedan Car Exposed to Crosswind Effect‎

Pages 346-356


Reza Bahoosh; Milad Rohani; Mohammad Reza Saffarian

Numerical Study on the Ferrofluid Droplet Splitting in a T-junction ‎with Branches of Unequal Widths using Asymmetric Magnetic Field‎

Pages 357-370


Mohammad Aboutalebi; Mohammad Behshad Shafii; Siamak Kazemzadeh Hannani

Economic Evaluation of Supplying Commercial Thermal Load by ‎a New CPVT System: A Case Study in Iran

Pages 371-383


Amir Abedanzadeh; Hasti Borgheipour; Samaneh Fakouriyan; Farschad Torabi

Automatic Structural Synthesis of Planetary Geared Mechanisms ‎using Graph Theory

Pages 384-403


Hind A. Nafeh; Essam L. Esmail; Sajad H. Abdali

Driveline Stability in Racing Motorcycles: Analysis of a Three ‎Degrees of Freedom Minimal Model

Pages 404-418


Alexander E. Schramm; Luca Leonelli; Silvio Sorrentino

Influence of Thermal Radiation on Heat Transfer through a ‎Hollow Block

Pages 419-429


Igor V. Miroshnichenko; Mikhail A. Sheremet

A Novel Approach to Fully Nonlinear Mathematical Modeling of ‎Tectonic Plates

Pages 430-444


Shahriar Dastjerdi; Mohammad Malikan; Bekir Akgöz; Ömer Civalek; Victor A. Eremeyev

Numerical Study of the Dynamic Response of Elevated Steel ‎Conical Tank under Vertical Seismic Excitation - Case Study

Pages 445-457


Nasser Dine Hadj Djelloul; Mohamed Djermane; Noor sharari; Abdellali Saria

Technical Brief

A Note on the Discharge over Full-width Rectangular Sharp-‎crested Weirs and Weirs of Finite Crest Length‎

Pages 458-463


Amir H. Azimi; Nallamuthu Rajaratnam

Research Paper

Numerical Investigation into the Effects of Orientation on ‎Subcooled Flow Boiling Characteristics

Pages 464-474


Amal Igaadi; Hicham EL Mghari; Rachid El Amraoui

Heat Transfer Improvement in a Thermal Energy Storage System ‎using Auxiliary Fluid Instead of Nano-PCM in an Inclined ‎Enclosure: A Comparative Study

Pages 475-486


Alireza Khademi; Seyed Ali Abtahi Mehrjardi; Zafar Said; Ali J. Chamkha

The Impact of Marangoni Convection and Radiation on Flow of ‎Ternary Nanofluid in a Porous Medium with Mass Transpiration

Pages 487-497


Thippaiah Maranna; Ulavathi S. Mahabaleshwar; Michael I. Kopp

A Novel BESO Methodology for Topology Optimization of ‎Reinforced Concrete Structures: A Two-loop Approach

Pages 498-512


Julian Alves Borges; Rodrigo Reis Amaral; Liércio André Isoldi; Walter Jesus Paucar Casas; Herbert Martins Gomes

Natural Magneto-velocity Coordinate System for Satellite ‎Attitude Stabilization: Dynamics and Stability Analysis

Pages 513-520


A.Yu. Aleksandrov; A. A. Tikhonov

Exact Solutions for Isobaric Inhomogeneous Couette Flows of a ‎Vertically Swirling Fluid

Pages 521-528


Sergey Ershkov; Evgenii Prosviryakov; Dmytro Leshchenko

A Systematic Computational and Experimental Study of the Principal Data-Driven Identification Procedures. Part I: Analytical Methods and Computational Algorithms

Pages 529-549


Carmine Maria Pappalardo; Filippo Califano; Sefika Ipek Lok; Domenico Guida

A Systematic Computational and Experimental Study of the Principal Data-Driven Identification Procedures. Part II: Numerical Analysis and Experimental Testing

Pages 550-589


Carmine Maria Pappalardo; Filippo Califano; Sefika Ipek Lok; Domenico Guida