Thermoelastic Analysis of Functionally Graded Hollow Cylinder Subjected to Uniform Temperature Field

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Head Department of Mathematics, R.M. G. College, Saoli, Chandrapur, India

2 Head Deptt. of Mathematics Shri Lemdeo Patil Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur, INDIA


This paper deals with the determination of displacement function and thermal stresses of a finite length isotropic functionally graded hollow cylinder subjected to uniform temperature field. The solution of the governing thermoelastic equation is obtained, as suggested by Spencer et al. for anisotropic laminates.  Numerical calculations are also carried out for FGM (Functionally graded material) system consisting of ceramic Alumina (Al2O3), along with Nickel (Ni) as the metallic component varying with distance in one direction and illustrated graphically.


Main Subjects

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