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Research Paper

1. Topology Optimization of Laminated Composite Plates and Shells using Optimality Criteria

Pages 405-415


K.N.V. Chandrasekhar; V. Bhikshma; K.U. Bhaskara Reddy

2. Polymeric Dissipative Convection Flow from an Inclined Plane with Chemical Reaction: Numerical Study

Pages 416-428


Santhosh Madhavi; V. Ramachandra Prasad; Shaik Abdul Gaffar

3. Heating Capacity of an Earth to Air Heat Exchanger in Arid Regions - Experimental Investigation

Pages 429-437


Nasreddine Sakhri; Younes Menni; Ali J. Chamkha

4. Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of a Bone Cutting Ultrasonic Horn-Tool and Verification with Experimental Tests

Pages 438-447


Mehdi Rezaei; Mahmoud Farzin; Farshid Ahmadi; Mohammad Reza Niroomand

5. Investigation on the Crack Effect in the Cylinder and Matrix on the Backscattering Field Frequency Specifications using the Finite Element Method

Pages 448-455


Omid Noormohammadi Arani; Amin Yaghootian; Sina Sodagar

6. Mathematical Analysis of Poiseuille Flow of Casson Fluid past Porous Medium

Pages 456-474


D.S. Sankar; K.K. Viswanathan

7. Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Amphibious Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Pages 475-484


Balasubramanian Esakki; P. Gokul Raj; Lung-Jieh Yang; Ekanshu Khurana; Sahadasan Khute; P. Vikram

8. Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Behavior of Aluminum to Aluminum Tubular Bonded Lap Joint under Pure Torsion and a Finite Element Comparison with Hybrid Rivet/Bonded Joint

Pages 485-492


Mohiedin Yousefi; Saeed Rahnama; Mahmood Farhadi Nia

9. Experimental and Finite Element Study to Determine the ‎Mechanical Properties and Bond Between Repair Mortars and ‎Concrete Substrates

Pages 493-509


Ali Saberi Varzaneh; Mahmood Naderi

10. A Closed-Form Solution for Electro-Osmotic Flow in Nano-Channels

Pages 510-517


Kianoush Rabbani; Mohamamd Emamzadeh

11. Scattering and Backscattering Study of Mechanical Plane Wave in Composite Materials Plates (Earth model 1066B and LiNbO3)

Pages 518-527


Abhinav Singhal; Sanjeev A. Sahu; Soniya Chaudhary; Mafruza Sultana

12. Haar Wavelet Method for Solving High-Order Differential Equations with Multi-Point Boundary Conditions

Pages 528-544


Mohammad Heydari; Zakieh Avazzadeh; Narges Hosseinzadeh

13. Chaos Control in Gear Transmission System using GPC and SMC ‎Controllers

Pages 545-556


Mohammad Hossein Gharagozloo; Aref Shahmansoorian

14. Metal and Metallic Oxide Nanofluid over a Shrinking Surface with ‎Thermal Radiation and Heat Generation/Absorption

Pages 557-565


R.P. Sharma; S.R. Mishra

15. Stability Analysis of Casson Nanofluid Flow over an Extending/Contracting ‎Wedge and Stagnation Point

Pages 566-579


H.T. Basha; R. Sivaraj

16. A Modified Couple Stress-Based Model for the Nonlinear ‎Vibrational Analysis of Nano-Disks Using Multiple Scales Method

Pages 580-596


Ali Alizadeh; Mohammad Shishesaz; Shahram Shahrooi; Arash Reza

17. The Direct Impact Method for Studying Dynamic Behavior of ‎Viscoplastic Materials

Pages 597-604


Artem Basalin; Aleksandr Konstantinov; Leonid Igumnov; Alexandr Belov; Anatoliy Bragov; Victor Eremeev

18. Direct Transcription Approach to Dynamic Optimization Problems in Engineering

Pages 605-616


Hassan Mohamed Abdelalim Abdalla; Daniele Casagrande

19. A Stress Tensor-based Failure Criterion for Ordinary State-based ‎Peridynamic Models‎

Pages 617-628


Daniele Dipasquale; Giulia Sarego; Prasert Prapamonthon; Soemsak Yooyen; Arman Shojaei

20. Lamb Wave Analysis in Anisotropic Multilayer ‎Piezoelectric-piezomagnetic Material

Pages 629-640


Hamdi Ezzin; Mohamed Mkaoir; Zhenghua Qian; Mohammad Arefi; Raj Das

21. Spectral Methods Application in Problems of the Thin-walled ‎Structures Deformation

Pages 641-654


Denys Tkachenko; Yevgen Tsegelnyk; Sofia Myntiuk; Vitalii Myntiuk

22. Flow Regimes Characteristics of Water-crude Oil in a Rectangular ‎Y-microchannel

Pages 655-670


Maxim I. Pryazhnikov; Andrey V. Minakov; Dmitriy V. Guzei; Andrey I. Pryazhnikov; Anton S. Yakimov

23. Impact-enhanced Electrostatic Vibration Energy Harvester

Pages 671-683


Valery P. Dragunov; Dmitriy I. Ostertak; Dmitry E. Kiselev; Evgeniya V. Dragunova

24. Generation of a Quadrilateral Mesh based on NURBS for Gyroids ‎of Variable Thickness and Porosity

Pages 684-698


Mariana S. Flores-Jimenez; Arturo Delgado-Gutiérrez; Rita Q. Fuentes-Aguilar; Diego Cardenas

25. Research into the Properties of Selected Single Speed Two-Carrier ‎Planetary Gear Trains

Pages 699-709


Željko Vrcan; Jelena Stefanović-Marinović; Milan Tica; Sanjin Troha

26. Effect of Porosity and Hygrothermal Environment on FGP ‎Hollow Spheres under Electromechanical Loads

Pages 710-722


Rania Tantawy; Ashraf M. Zenkour

27. Strength of Steel Shell Cylindrical Panels Reinforced with an ‎Orthogonal Grid of Stiffeners

Pages 723-732


Alexey Semenov

28. Analysis of Possibilities to Use Predictive Mathematical Models ‎for Studying the Dam Deformation State

Pages 733-744


Valeriy Khoroshilov; Natalia Kobeleva; Mikhail Noskov

29. Insight into Stability Analysis on Modified Magnetic Field of ‎Radiative Non-Newtonian Reiner–Philippoff Fluid Model‎

Pages 745-753


Iskandar Waini; Abdul Rahman Mohd Kasim; Najiyah Safwa Khashi’ie; Nurul Amira Zainal; Anuar Ishak; Ioan Pop

30. A Study of Curved Louver Fin Configuration for ‎Heat Transfer Enhancement

Pages 754-763


Kiatbodin Wanglertpanich; Patcharakon Siriyothai; Thanathorn Hepijid; Chawalit Kittichaikarn

31. Application of Newmark Average Acceleration and Ritz Methods ‎on Dynamical Analysis of Composite Beams under a Moving Load

Pages 764-773


Seref Doguscan Akbas; Hayri Metin Numanoglu; Bekir Akgöz; Ömer Civalek


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