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The JACM is an open access, quarterly electronic journal published by Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz. It aims to provide an international forum for the exchange of analytical, computational and experimental works in all topics related to mechanical science and engineering. It welcomes high-quality original research papers from contributors throughout the world. All papers are subject to a peer reviewing procedure. Types of accepted papers include:


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1. Editorial


Angelo Luongo; Sara Casciati; Giuseppe Piccardo

Special Issue Paper

2. Temperature Dependent Damping in Additively Manufactured ‎Polymer Structures

Pages 993-1008


Katherine K. Reichl; Onur Avci; Daniel J. Inman

3. Natural frequencies and internal resonance of beams with arbitrarily distributed axial loads

Pages 1009-1019


Stefano Lenci; Francesco Clementi

4. Modeling beam-like planar structures by a one-dimensional continuum: an analytical-numerical method

Pages 1020-1033


Manuel Ferretti; Francesco D’Annibale; Angelo Luongo

5. Nonlinear dynamics and stability of a homogeneous model of tall buildings under resonant action

Pages 1034-1048


Daniele Zulli; Angelo Luongo

6. Flexural-Torsional Galloping of Prismatic Structures with Double-Symmetric Cross-Section

Pages 1049-1069


Angelo Luongo; Francesca Pancella; Giuseppe Piccardo

7. Modeling of Flight of the Line Thrower Projectile

Pages 1070-1076


Alexander K. Belyaev; Vladimir A. Piskunov; Tatiana V. Zinovieva

8. Long-span Suspension Bridge Flutter Analysis ‎with Drag Force Effects

Pages 1077-1089


Gianfranco Piana; Alberto Carpinteri

9. VIV Control Strategies Using Displacement-Based ‎Phenomenological Model

Pages 1090-1097


Muhammad R. Hajj; Asrhad Mehmood; Imran Akhtar; Khondokar Billah

10. Improving the linear stability of the visco-elastic Beck's beam via piezoelectric controllers

Pages 1098-1109


Arnaldo Casalotti; Francesco D’Annibale

11. Stress Control of a Piezoelectric Lumped-element Model − ‎Theoretical Investigation and Experimental Realization

Pages 1110-1120


Juergen Schoeftner; Andreas Brandl; Hans Irschik

12. On/off Nodal Reconfiguration for Global Structural Control of ‎Smart 2D Frames

Pages 1121-1129


Blazej Poplawski; Grzegorz Mikułowski; Anita Orłowska; Łukasz Jankowski

13. Precision Shape Control of Ultra-thin Shells with Strain Actuators

Pages 1130-1137


Kainan WANG; David Alaluf; Gonçalo Rodrigues; André Preumont

14. Structural Health Monitoring of Multi-Storey Frame Structures using Piezoelectric Incompatibility Filters: Theory and Numerical Verification

Pages 1138-1157


Michael Krommer; Markus Zellhofer; Hans Irschik

15. Manifold Learning Algorithms Applied to Structural Damage ‎Classification

Pages 1158-1166


Jersson X. Leon-Medina; Maribel Anaya; Diego A. Tibaduiza; Francesc Pozo

16. Direct Normal Form Analysis of Oscillators with Different ‎Combinations of Geometric Nonlinear Stiffness Terms

Pages 1167-1182


Ayman Nasir; Neil Sims; David Wagg

17. On the Active Vibration Control of Nonlinear Uncertain Structures

Pages 1183-1197


Vasilis K. Dertimanis; Eleni N. Chatzi; Sami F. Masri

18. A Generalized Identification of Joint Structural State and ‎Unknown Inputs Using Data Fusion MKF-UI

Pages 1198-1204


Lijun Liu; Jiajia Zhu; Ying Lei

19. Vibration Mitigation of Rail Noise Barriers by Hysteretic Absorbers

Pages 1205-1217


Michela Basili; Paolo Casini; Laura Morelli; Fabrizio Vestroni

20. Variational Inference for Nonlinear Structural ‎Identification

Pages 1218-1231


Alana Lund; Ilias Bilionis; Shirley J. Dyke

21. About Earthquakes in Subduction Zones with the Potential to ‎Cause a Tsunami

Pages 1232-1241


Vladimir A. Babeshko; O.V. Evdokimova; O.M. Babeshko

22. Predictive Control with Dynamic Hysteresis ‎Reference ‎Trajectory: Application to a Structural Base-‎Isolation ‎Model

Pages 1242-1251


Nubia Ilia Ponce de León Puig; José Rodellar; Leonardo Acho

23. Validation of Model-Based Real-Time Hybrid Simulation for a Lightly-Damped and Highly-Nonlinear Structural System

Pages 1252-1265


Amirali Najafi; Billie F. Spencer Jr.


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