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Research Paper

1. Evaluating the Delamination in the Drilling Process of a Melamine Coated Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Pages 1-10


Masoud Rakhshkhorshid; Sayyed Mohammad Emam; Mohammad Lakhi; Saeed Ghahremani

2. Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Flow toward a Stretching/Shrinking Sheet in Porous Medium Filled with a Hybrid Nanofluid

Pages 11-20


Saeed Dinarvand; Mohammad Yousefi; Ali. J Chamkha

3. Heat Transfer of Hybrid-nanofluids Flow Past a Permeable Flat Surface with Different Volume Fractions

Pages 21-35


N. Indumathi; B. Ganga; R. Jayaprakash; A.K. Abdul Hakeem

4. A Hybrid SVM-RVM Algorithm to Mechanical Properties in the Friction Stir Welding Process

Pages 36-47


Hadi Tagimalek; Mohammad Reza Maraki; Masoud Mahmoodi; Majid Azargoman

5. Investigation of Jeffery-Hamel Flow for Nanofluid in the Presence of Magnetic Field by a New Approach in the Optimal Homotopy Analysis Method

Pages 48-59


Uddhaba Biswal; Snehashish Chakraverty

6. Nonlinear Convective Flow of Maxwell Fluid over a Slendering Stretching Sheet with Heat Source/Sink

Pages 60-70


Mocherla Gayatri; Konda Jayaramireddy; Macherla Jayachandra Babu

7. Reduction in Space for Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of Assemblies of Beam-columns when the Mass is Available in Digitized Format

Pages 71-83


Aram Soroushian; Saeed Amiri

8. Numerical Solution of the Time Fractional Reaction-advection-diffusion Equation in Porous Media

Pages 84-96


Prashant Pandey; Sachin Kumar; J.F. Gómez-Aguilar

9. Distributed-parameter Dynamic Modeling and Bifurcation Analysis of a Trapezoidal Piezomagnetoelastic Energy Harvester

Pages 97-113


Heshmatallah Mohammad Khanlo; Reza Dehghani

10. Thermal Performance of Oscillating Blade with Various ‎Geometries in a Straight Channel

Pages 114-128


Ehsan Izadpanah; Milan Yazdanian; Mohamad Hamed Hekmat; Yasser Amini

11. Buckling and Vibration Analysis of a Double-layer Graphene ‎Sheet Coupled with a Piezoelectric Nanoplate

Pages 129-143


Keramat Malekzadeh Fard; Mehdi Khajehdehi Kavanroodi; Hosein Malek-Mohammadi; Ali Pourmoayed

12. Numerical Scheme based on Non-polynomial Spline Functions for ‎the System of Second Order Boundary Value Problems arising in ‎Various Engineering Applications

Pages 144-152


Anju Chaurasia; Yogesh Gupta; Prakash C. Srivastava

Review Paper

13. On the Analytical and Computational Methodologies for Modelling Two-wheeled Vehicles within the Multibody Dynamics Framework: A Systematic Literature Review

Pages 153-181


Camilo Andrés Manrique-Escobar; Carmine Maria Pappalardo; Domenico Guida

Research Paper

14. Dynamic Response of Functionally Graded Carbon ‎Nanotube-Reinforced Hybrid Composite Plates

Pages 182-195


Chun-Sheng Chen; Chin-Ping Fung; Hai Wang; Wei-Ren Chen

15. Nonstandard Dynamically Consistent Numerical Methods for ‎MSEIR Model

Pages 196-205


Ali Shokri; Mohammad Mehdizadeh Khalsaraei; Maryam Molayi

16. Non-similar Radiative Bioconvection Nanofluid Flow under ‎Oblique Magnetic Field with Entropy Generation‎

Pages 206-218


Nisha Shukla; Puneet Rana; Sireetorn Kuharat; Osman Anwar Bég

17. Thermal Analysis of Radiating Film Flow of Sodium Alginate ‎using MWCNT Nanoparticles ‎

Pages 219-231


Akinbowale T. Akinshilo; Amin Davodi; Adeleke Ilegbusi; Gbeminiyi Sobamowo

18. Development of an Educational Code of Deriving Equations of ‎Motion and Analyzing Dynamic Characteristics of Multibody ‎Closed Chain Systems using GNU Octave for a Beginner

Pages 232-244


Y.H. Park

19. Prediction Capabilities of a One-dimensional Wall-flow ‎Particulate Filter Model

Pages 245-259


Andrea Natale Impiombato; Cesare Biserni; Massimo Milani; Luca Montorsi

20. Computational Enhancement of a Mixed 3D Beam Finite Element with Warping and Damage

Pages 260-281


Paolo Di Re; Daniela Addessi

21. Mixed Convection Heat Transfer and Entropy Generation in a ‎Water-filled Square Cavity Partially Heated from Below: The ‎Effects of Richardson and Prandtl Numbers

Pages 282-297


Nawal Ferroudj; Hasan KÖTEN; Saadoun Boudebous

22. Investigation of Wood Properties at Elevated Temperature

Pages 298-305


Anatoliy M. Bragov; Tatiana N. Iuzhina; Andrey K. Lomunov; Leonid A. Igumnov; Alexandr A. Belov; Victor A. Eremeyev

23. Numerical Investigation of Enhanced Oil Recovery from various ‎Rocks by Nanosuspensions Flooding

Pages 306-318


D.V. Guzei; A.V. Minakov; M.I. Pryazhnikov; S.V. Ivanova

24. Proportional Topology Optimization under ‎Reliability-based Constraints

Pages 319-330


Rodrigo Reis Amaral; Julian Alves Borges; Herbert Martins Gomes

25. Dynamic Response of a Step Loaded Cubic Cavity Embedded in a ‎Partially Saturated Poroelastic Half-space by the Boundary ‎Element Method

Pages 331-339


Andrey Petrov; Mikhail Grigoryev; Leonid Igumnov; Alexandr Belov; Victor Eremeyev

26. Geometric Optimization of Jet Pump Used in Vacuum ‎Distillation Applications under Different Operating Conditions ‎using Genetic-algorithm Methods

Pages 340-358


William Orozco Murillo; Iván D. Patiño Arcila; José A. Palacio-Fernández

27. Mechanical Characterisation and Comparison of Hyperelastic ‎Adhesives: Modelling and Experimental Validation

Pages 359-369


Francisco J. Simon Portillo; Óscar Cuadrado Sempere; Eduardo A.S. Marques; Miguel Sánchez Lozano; Lucas F.M. da Silva

28. Effects of Periodic Loading on Longitudinal Fracture in ‎Viscoelastic Functionally Graded Beam Structures‎

Pages 370-378


Victor Rizov

29. Modeling of the Dynamic Rail Deflection using Elastic Wave Propagation

Pages 379-387


Dmytro Kurhan; Szabolcs Fischer

30. Numerical Analysis on the Bond Performance of Different ‎Anchored Joints under Monotonic and Cyclic Pull-push Loading

Pages 388-404


Rui Micaelo; Marta Verdete; Raquel Almeida; Wan-Yang Gao; Hugo Biscaia


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