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Research Paper

1. Biomechanical Evaluation of Bone Quality Effect on Stresses at Bone-Implant Interface: A Finite Element Study

Pages 1266-1275


Belaid TAHAROU; Ali MERDJI; Rajshree HILLSTROM; Ali BENAISSA; Sandipan ROY; Noureddine DELLA; Abdelkrim AID; Osama MUKDADI

2. Structural Strength Analysis and Fabrication of a Straight Blade of an H-Darrieus Wind Turbine

Pages 1276-1282


Fateh Ferroudji; Cherif Khelifi

3. Unsteady Separated Stagnation Point Flow of Nanofluid past a ‎Moving Flat Surface in the Presence of Buongiorno's Model

Pages 1283-1290


A. Renuka; M. Muthtamilselvan; Qasem M. Al-Mdallal; Deog-Hee Doh; Bahaaeldin Abdalla

4. ADM Solution for Cu/CuO –Water Viscoplastic Nanofluid ‎Transient Slip Flow from a Porous Stretching Sheet with Entropy ‎Generation, Convective Wall Temperature and Radiative Effects

Pages 1291-1305


THIRUPATHI THUMMA; S.R. Mishra; Osman Anwar Bég

5. Numerical Study on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in a Mini-‎Channel with Corrugated Walls‎

Pages 1306-1314


Abdelaziz Begag; Rachid Saim; Hakan F. Öztop; Said Abboudi

6. Comparison of Functionally Graded Hip Stem Implants with ‎Various Second-Generation Titanium Alloys

Pages 1315-1323


Tawakol A. Enab; Noha Fouda; Ibrahim Eldesouky

7. Analysis and Optimization of Truss Structures, Constrained ‎Handling using Genetic Algorithm

Pages 1324-1333


Pal Ranjan Sasti Charan; Nirmal Baran Hui; J. Paulo Davim

8. Non-similar Solutions of MHD Mixed Convection over an Exponentially Stretching Surface: Influence of Non-uniform Heat Source or Sink

Pages 1334-1347


P.M. Patil; D.N. Latha; Ali J. Chamkha

9. Optimum Design of Nano-Scaled Beam Using the Social Spider Optimization (SSO) Algorithm

Pages 1348-1361


Büşra Uzun; Omer Civalek; Ibrahim Aydogdu

10. Numerical Analysis of an Edge Crack Isotropic Plate with Void/Inclusions under Different Loading by Implementing XFEM

Pages 1362-1382


Achchhe Lal; Manoj B. Vaghela; Kundan Mishra

11. Comparative Study of Mixed Convective MHD Cu-Water Nanofluid Flow over a Cone and Wedge using Modified Buongiorno’s Model in Presence of Thermal Radiation and Chemical Reaction via Cattaneo-Christov Double Diffusion Model

Pages 1383-1402


Sawan Kumar Rawat; Himanshu Upreti; Manoj Kumar

12. Numerical Simulations of Unsteady 3D MHD Micropolar Fluid Flow over a Slendering Sheet

Pages 1403-1412


S.R.R. Reddy; P.B. Anki Reddy

13. How Wavelike Bumps Mitigate the Vortex-induced Vibration of a ‎Drilling Riser

Pages 1413-1424


Liping Tang; Hong Yao; Zemin Huang; Liqi Wang; Xiaohua Zhu

14. Four Legged Guará Robot: From Inspiration to Implementation

Pages 1425-1434


Antônio Bento Filho; Cristiane Pescador Tonetto; Rafhael Milanezi de Andrade

15. Numerical Investigation on Flow Transition through a Curved ‎Square Duct with Negative Rotation

Pages 1435-1447


Mohammad Sanjeed Hasan; Shamsun Naher Dolon; Himadri Shekhar Chakraborty; Rabindra Nath Mondal; Giulio Lorenzini

16. MHD Double-Diffusive Natural Convection in a Closed Space ‎Filled with Liquid Metal: Mesoscopic Analysis

Pages 1448-1465


Arun Sathiyamoorthi; Satheesh Anbalagan; Hakan F. Öztop; Nidal Abu-Hamdeh

17. Behavior of Nanofluid with Variable Brownian and Thermal ‎Diffusion Coefficients Adjacent to a Moving Vertical Plate

Pages 1466-1479


Ahmed Saad Rashed; Tarek A. Mahmoud; Magda M. Kassem

18. Solving Duffing-Van der Pol Oscillator Equations of Fractional ‎Order by an Accurate Technique

Pages 1480-1487


Nourhane Attia; Djamila Seba; Ali Akgül; Abdelkader Nour

19. Effect of Temperature and Moisture on the Impact Behaviour of ‎Adhesive Joints for the Automotive Industry

Pages 1488-1500


Daniel Rosendo; Guilherme Viana; Ricardo Carbas; Eduardo Marques; Lucas FM da Silva

20. Heat Transfer Improvement in an Open Cubic Cavity using a Hybrid Nanofluid

Pages 1501-1513


Saliha Bellout; Rachid Bessaïh

21. On Stokes' Second Problem for Burgers' Fluid over a Plane Wall

Pages 1514-1526


Safia Akram; Asia Anjum; Masood Khan; Anwar Hussain

22. On Integrability up to the Boundary of the Weak Solutions to a ‎Class of non-Newtonian Compressible Fluids with Vacuum

Pages 1527-1536


Jan Muhammad; Abdul Samad

23. Nonlinear Vibration of an Electrostatically Actuated ‎Functionally Graded Microbeam under Longitudinal Magnetic ‎Field

Pages 1537-1549


Dang Van Hieu; Nguyen Thi Hoa; Le Quang Duy; Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa

24. A Novel Approach to Compute the Numerical Solution of Variable Coefficient Fractional Burgers' Equation with Delay

Pages 1550-1564


Amit K Verma; Mukesh Kumar Rawani; Ravi P. Agarwal

25. Dynamically Consistent NSFD Methods for Predator-prey System

Pages 1565-1574


Ali Shokri; Mohammad Mehdizadeh Khalsaraei; Maryam Molayi

26. On the Effect of the End-effector Point Trajectory on the Joint ‎Jerk of the Redundant Manipulators

Pages 1575-1582


Xuan Bien Duong

27. Nonlinear Multiscale Modelling and Design using Gaussian Processes

Pages 1583-1592


Sumudu Herath; Udith Haputhanthri

28. Free Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Porous Nano-‎plates with Different Shapes Resting on Elastic Foundation

Pages 1593-1605


Trac Luat Doan; Pham Binh Le; Trung Thanh Tran; Vu Khac Trai; Quoc Hoa Pham

29. Description of Anomalous Behavior of Aluminum Alloys with ‎Hill48 Yield Criterion by Using Different Experimental Inputs ‎and Weight Coefficients

Pages 1606-1619


Bora Sener

30. Numerical Investigation of an Unsteady and Anisotropic Turbulent ‎Flow Downstream a 90° Bend Pipe with and without Ribs

Pages 1620-1638


Rachid Chiremsel; Ali Fourar; Fawaz Massouh; Zakarya Chiremsel

31. Variational Principles and Solitary Wave Solutions of Generalized ‎Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation in the Ocean

Pages 1639-1648


Meng-Zhu Liu; Xiao-Qun Cao; Xiao-Qian Zhu; Bai-Nian Liu; Ke-Cheng Peng

32. Stability Analysis of Articulated Bus in Straight-ahead Running Manoeuvre

Pages 1649-1662


Alessandro De Felice; Matteo Mercantini; Silvio Sorrentino

33. Finite Element Modelling and Simulation of the Hysteretic ‎Behaviour of Single- and Bi-metal Cantilever Beams using a ‎Modified Non-linear Beta-damping Model

Pages 1663-1675


Hamza Bin Tariq; Charles Rajakumar; Dichuan Zhang; Christos Spitas

34. A Modified Thermoelastic Fractional Heat Conduction Model ‎with a Single-Lag and Two Different Fractional-Orders

Pages 1676-1686


Ahmed E. Abouelregal; Hijaz Ahmad

35. An Automatic Program of Generation of Equation of Motion and ‎Dynamic Analysis for Multi-body Mechanical System using GNU Octave

Pages 1687-1697


Yonghui Park

36. Stress Mode Superposition for a Priori Detection of Highly ‎Stressed Areas: Mode Normalisation and Loading Influence

Pages 1698-1709


Carsten Strzalka; Dragan Marinkovic; Manfred W. Zehn

37. The Dynamics of the Working Body of the Tubular Conveyor with ‎the Chain Drive

Pages 1710-1718


Oleg Lyashuk; Bogdan Sokil; Roman Hevko; Viktor Aulin; Leonid Serilko; Yuriy Vovk; Dmytro Serilko; Andriy Dovbysh

38. Alternative Integration Approaches in the Weight Function ‎Method for Crack Problems

Pages 1719-1725


Martin A. Eder; Xiao Chen

39. Regularization of the Movement of a Material Point Along a Flat ‎Trajectory: Application to Robotics Problems

Pages 1726-1736


Dinara Azimova; Balgaisha Mukanova; Maxat Akhmetzhanov

40. An Experimental and Numerical Study on the Aerodynamic ‎Performance of Vibrating Wind Turbine Blade with Frequency-‎Domain Method

Pages 1737-1750


Shine Win Naung; Mahdi Erfanian Nakhchi; Mohammad Rahmati

41. Weighted Dual Approach to an Equivalent Stiffness-based Load ‎Transfer Model for Jacked Open-ended Pile

Pages 1751-1763


Nguyen Ngoc Linh; Ngoc Anh Nguyen; Kuu Van Nguyen; Diem Dang Nguyen

42. Analysis and Recognition of Standards in Intelligent Hybrid ‎Systems using Natural Computing

Pages 1764-1773


Rodrigo Francisco Borges Lourenço; Roberto Outa; Fábio Roberto Chavarette; Aparecido Carlos Gonçalves

43. Parametric Optimization of a Cyclogiro Aircraft Design for Efficient Hover with Aeroelastic Considerations

Pages 1774-1787


Louis Gagnon; Marco Morandini; Stéphane Fournier

44. A General Purpose Variational Formulation for Boundary Value Problems of Orders Greater than Two

Pages 1788-1802


Xuefeng Li

45. Performance measure and tool for benchmarking metaheuristic optimization algorithms

Pages 1803-1813


François Schott; Dominique Chamoret; Thomas Baron; Sébastien Salmon; Yann Meyer

46. Two-Solid Deposition in Fluid Column using Immersed ‎Boundary-Lattice Boltzmann Method

Pages 1814-1825


M. Rizqie Arbie; Umar Fauzi; Fourier D.E. Latief; Enjang J. Mustopa

47. Numerical Investigation of Tissue-Temperature Controlled ‎System in Thermal Ablation: A Finite Element Approach

Pages 1826-1835


Mridul Sannyal; Abul Mukid Mohammad Mukaddes

48. A New Quantum-computing-based Algorithm for Robotic Arms ‎and Rigid Bodies’ Orientation

Pages 1836-1846


Nadjet Zioui; Yousra Mahmoudi; Aicha Mahmoudi; Mohamed Tadjine; Said Bentouba

49. Thermal Behavior of Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells: A ‎Numerical and Experimental Investigation on the Module ‎Encapsulation Materials

Pages 1847-1855


Ana Pavlovic; Cristiano Fragassa; Marco Bertoldi; Vladyslav Mikhnych

50. Buckling of Shell Panels Made of Fiberglass and Reinforced with ‎an Orthogonal Grid of Stiffeners

Pages 1856-1861


Alexey Semenov


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