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The JACM is an open access, quarterly electronic journal published by Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz. It aims to provide an international forum for the exchange of analytical, computational and experimental works in all topics related to mechanical science and engineering. It welcomes high-quality original research papers from contributors throughout the world. All papers are subject to a peer reviewing procedure. Types of accepted papers include:


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Research Paper

1. Approximate Solutions of Coupled Nonlinear Oscillations: ‎Stability Analysis

Pages 382-395


Galal M. Moatimid; Fawzy M.F. Elsabaa; Marwa H. Zekry

2. Multiscale Numerical Modeling of Solute Transport with Two-‎Phase Flow in a Porous Cavity

Pages 396-403


Mohamed F. El-Amin; Shereen Abbdel-Naeem

3. Comparative Study of Plane Poiseuille Flow of Non-isothermal ‎Couple ‎Stress Fluid of Reynold Viscosity Model using Optimal ‎Homotopy ‎Asymptotic Method and New Iterative Method

Pages 404-414


Alamgeer Khan; Muhammad Farooq; Rashid Nawaz; Muhammad Ayaz; Saeed Islam

4. Variational Principles for Two Compound Nonlinear Equations ‎with Variable Coefficients

Pages 415-421


Xiao-Qun Cao; Ke-Cheng Peng; Meng-Zhu Liu; Cheng-Zhuo Zhang; Ya-Nan Guo

5. Meshfree Collocation Method for the Numerical Solution of ‎Higher Order KdV Equation

Pages 422-431


Abdul Samad; Jan Muhammad

6. The Method of Lines Analysis of Heat Transfer of Ostwald-de Waele Fluid Generated by a Non-uniform Rotating Disk with a Variable Thickness

Pages 432-441


Mohamed R. Ali

7. On the Dynamics of the Logistic Delay Differential Equation with ‎Two Different Delays

Pages 442-449


Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed El-Sayed; Sanaa Moussa Salman; Ali Mohammed Ali Abo-Bakr

8. In-Plane Shear-Axial Strain Coupling Formulation for Shear-‎Deformable Composite Thin-Walled Beams

Pages 450-469


Hugo Elizalde; Diego Cárdenas; Arturo Delgado-Gutierrez; Oliver Probst

9. Design of Cooling Water System (CWS) for CRAFT Lower Hybrid ‎Current Driven (LHCD) System‎

Pages 470-477


Weibao Li; Jiansheng Hu; Lei Yang; Bin Guo; Lili Zhu; Jinxuan Zhou; Zhe Liu; Lidong Yao; Qianglin Xu

10. Close Loop Design in Glucose Insulin Model with Effect of ‎Physical Exercise

Pages 478-485


Muhammad Farman; Ali Akgül; Aqeel Ahmad

11. Random Walk Particle Tracking for Convection-diffusion ‎Dominated Problems in Shallow Water Flows

Pages 486-495


Hind Talbi; Elmiloud Chaabelasri; Mohammed Jeyar; Najim Salhi

12. Numerical Analysis of the Deformation of a Shearing Machine ‎Tool under Excessive Blade Clearance

Pages 496-504


Fotios Bantes; George-Christopher Vosniakos; Protesilaos Kostazos

13. Free Vibration Analysis of FG Porous Sandwich Plates under ‎Various Boundary Conditions

Pages 505-519


Lazreg Hadji; Mehmet Avcar

14. Heat Transport Exploration of Free Convection Flow inside ‎Enclosure Having Vertical Wavy Walls

Pages 520-527


Md. Fayz - Al-Asad; Md Nur Alam; Cemil Tunç; M.M.A. - Sarker

15. Computational Study of Flow around 2D and 3D Tandem Bluff Bodies

Pages 528-534


Terrance Charles; Zhiyin Yang; Yiling Lu

16. Uniformly Convergent Numerical Method for Two-parametric ‎Singularly Perturbed Parabolic Convection-diffusion Problems

Pages 535-545


Tariku Birabasa Mekonnen; Gemechis File Duressa

17. Effects of Non-Linear Thermal Radiation and Chemical Reaction ‎on Time Dependent Flow of Williamson Nanofluid With Combine ‎Electrical MHD and Activation Energy

Pages 546-558


Gulzar Ahmad Danish; Muhammad Imran; Madeeha Tahir; Hassan Waqas; Muhammad Imran Asjad; Ali Akgül; Dumitru Baleanu

18. A Robust Three-Level Time-Split MacCormack Scheme for Solving ‎Two-Dimensional Unsteady Convection-Diffusion Equation

Pages 559-577


Eric Ngondiep

19. Conformable Double Sumudu Transform with Applications

Pages 578-586


Suliman Alfaqeih; Gizel Bakıcıerler; Emine Misirli

20. Conjugate Mixed Convection in a Horizontal Cylindrical Duct under the Solid Shell Internal Heat Generation

Pages 587-597


Rachid Bessaïh; Chérifa Abid

21. Axisymmetric Problem of the Elasticity Theory for the Radially ‎Inhomogeneous Cylinder with a Fixed Lateral Surface

Pages 598-610


Natig K. Akhmedov

22. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Heat and Mass ‎Transfer Processes for Determining the Optimal Design of an ‎Accumulator with Phase Transformations

Pages 611-620


Ievgen Antypov; Valery Gorobets; Viktor Trokhaniak

23. Analytical Simulation for Transient Natural Convection in a ‎Horizontal Cylindrical Concentric Annulus

Pages 621-637


A.S.J. Al-Saif; Takia Ahmed J. Al-Griffi

24. Non-linear Radiation and Navier-slip effects on UCM Nanofluid ‎Flow past a Stretching Sheet under Lorentzian Force

Pages 638-645


P. Sreenivasulu; T. Poornima; B. Vasu; Rama Subba Reddy Gorla; N. Bhaskar Reddy

25. Robust P-H∞ Integrated Controller for Flexible Link Manipulator ‎System in the Presence of Disturbance

Pages 646-654


Esmail Ali Alandoli; T. S. Lee; Chu A. My; Marwan Qaid Mohammed

26. A General Multibody Approach for the Linear and Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Bicycle Systems. Part I: Methods of Constrained Dynamics

Pages 655-670


Carmine Maria Pappalardo; Antonio Lettieri; Domenico Guida

27. A General Multibody Approach for the Linear and Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Bicycle Systems. Part II: Application to the Whipple-Carvallo Bicycle Model

Pages 671-700


Carmine Maria Pappalardo; Antonio Lettieri; Domenico Guida

28. A Novel Fractional-Order System: Chaos, Hyperchaos and ‎Applications to Linear Control

Pages 701-714


Ahmed Ezzat Matouk

29. An analytical Technique for Solving New Computational ‎Solutions of the Modified Zakharov-Kuznetsov ‎Equation Arising ‎in Electrical Engineering

Pages 715-726


Shariful Islam; Md. Nur Alam; Md. Fayz Al-Asad; Cemil Tunç

30. Numerical Study and Geometric Investigation of Corrugated ‎Channels Subjected to Forced Convective Flows

Pages 727-738


Rafael San Martin Moreira; Cícero Coelho de Escobar; Liércio André Isoldi; Rodrigo Rocha Davesac; Luiz Alberto Oliveira Rocha; Elizaldo Domingues dos Santos

31. Analytical Expressions for the Singularities Treatment in the ‎Three-dimensional Elastostatic Boundary Element Method

Pages 739-751


Leonardo Fellipe Prado Leite; Rodrigo Souza de Melo; Fabio Carlos Da Rocha

32. Laminar Flow Control and Drag Reduction using Biomimetically ‎Inspired Forward Facing Steps

Pages 752-763


Dinesh Bhatia; Guangning Li; Jing Sun; Jian Wang

33. New Exact Traveling Wave Solutions for Fractional Order System ‎Describing the Second Grade Fluid through Medium with Heat ‎Transfer‎

Pages 764-781


Arsalan Ahmed; K.K Poonam; Munam Khalil; Fatima Riaz; Syed Mohammad Mohsnain

34. The Rank Upgrading Technique for a Harmonic Restoring Force ‎of Nonlinear Oscillators

Pages 782-789


Yusry Osman El-Dib; Rajaa. T Matoog

35. Nonlinear Control for Attitude Stabilization of a Rigid Body ‎Forced by Nonstationary Disturbances with Zero Mean Values

Pages 790-797


Alexander Y. Aleksandrov; Alexey A. Tikhonov

36. Sensitivity Analyses of Structural Damage Indicators and ‎Experimental Validations

Pages 798-810


Jiqiao Zhang; Zhiqiang Teng; Xiaojian Xu; Gongfa Chen; David Bassir

37. Design Optimization and Experimental Validation of Low-Cost ‎Flat Plate Collector Under Central Qasssim Climate

Pages 811-819


Mohamed Nejlaoui; Abdullah Alghafis; Hussain Sadig

38. Finite Element and Experimental Investigation on the Effect of ‎Repetitive Shock in Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

Pages 820-830


Viet Dung Luong; Anne-Sophie Bonnin; Fazilay Abbès; Jean-Baptiste Nolot; Damien Erre; Boussad Abbès

39. Structural and Aerodynamical Parametric Study of Truss-Core ‎Gas Turbine Rotor Blade

Pages 831-838


Dulat Akzhigitov; Tamerlan Srymbetov; Abilkhairkhan Aldabergen; Christos Spitas

40. Impacts of Volume of Carbon Nanotubes on Bending for Carbon-‎Kevlar Hybrid Fabrics

Pages 839-848


Elias Randjbaran; Dayang L. Majid; Rizal Zahari; Mohamed T. H. Sultan; Norkhairunnisa Mazlan

41. Method of Unsteady Hydrodynamic Characteristics ‎Determination in Turbulent Boundary Layer

Pages 849-857


Vasiliy Shabarov; Pavel Kalyasov; Vitaliy Shaposhnikov; Fedor Peplin

42. Schmidt-Ishlinskii Yield Criterion and a Rotating Cylinder with a ‎Rigid Inclusion

Pages 858-869


Aleksandr Prokudin

43. Thermoelastic Memory-dependent Responses to an Infinite Medium ‎with a Cylindrical Hole and Temperature-dependent Properties

Pages 870-882


Essam Awwad; Ahmed E. Abouelregal; Amr Hassan

Review Paper

44. Moving Least Squares Method and its Improvement: A Concise Review

Pages 883-889


Wah Yen Tey; Nor Azwadi Che Sidik; Yutaka Asako; Mohammed W. Muhieldeen; Omid Afshar

Research Paper

45. Parameter Estimation in Population Balance through Bayesian ‎Technique Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Pages 890-901


Carlos H.R. Moura; Bruno M. Viegas; Maria R.M. Tavares; Emanuel N. Macêdo; Diego C. Estumano; João N.N. Quaresma

46. Diffusion-thermo Effects in Stagnation Point Flow of Second ‎Grade Fluid past a Stretching Plate

Pages 902-912


Sudheer Khan; Syed Muhammad Imran; Shu Wang

47. Nonlinear Dynamic Behavior of Hyperbolic Paraboloidal Shells ‎Reinforced by Carbon Nanotubes with Various Distributions

Pages 913-921


Elcin Yusufoglu; Mahmure AVEY

48. Applicability Evidence of Constructal Design in Structural ‎Engineering: Case Study of Biaxial Elasto-Plastic Buckling of ‎Square Steel Plates with Elliptical Cutout

Pages 922-934


Thiago da Silveira; Vinícius Torres Pinto; João Pedro Sarasol Neufeld; Ana Pavlovic; Luiz Alberto Oliveira Rocha; Elizaldo Domingues dos Santos; Liércio André Isoldi

49. Unsteady MHD Mixed Convection Flow of Water over a Sphere ‎with Mass Transfer

Pages 935-943


A. Sahaya Jenifer; P. Saikrishnan; Roland W. Lewis

50. Nonlinear Biodynamic Models of the Hand-arm System and ‎Parameters Identification using the Vibration Transmissibility or ‎the Driving-point Mechanical Impedance

Pages 944-955


Nahid Hida; Mohamed Abid; Faouzi Lakrad

51. Two-Dimensional Numerical Study of the Transient Flow ‎Conditions in Complete Shock Tunnel‎

Pages 956-964


A.M. Mohsen; M.Z. Yusoff; Hakim S. Sultan Aljibori; Amir Al-Falahi; Abdul Amir H. Kadhum

52. Fatigue Life Analysis of Bus Body based on User Target Load Spectrum‎

Pages 965-969


Guangwei Meng; Chuanxin Ren; Xiaolin Li; Liming Zhou; Feng Li; Tonghui Wei

53. Solution of the Problem of Analytical Construction of Optimal ‎Regulators for a Fractional Order Oscillatory System in the ‎General Case

Pages 970-976


Fikret A Aliev; Nihan A Aliev; Nargiz A. Safarova; Yegana Vahid Mamedova

54. Influence of Pressure on the Frequency Spectrum of Micro and ‎Nanoresonators on Hinged Supports

Pages 977-983



55. Quasi-bifurcation and Imperfection-sensitivity of Cylindrical ‎Shells under Pressures due to an Explosion

Pages 984-992


Mariano P. Ameijeiras; Luis A. Godoy


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