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Managing Editor: Hamid Mohammad-Sedighi

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1. Editorial


Ali J. Chamkha; Dragan Marinkovic

Research Paper

2. Poiseuille Flow with Couple Stresses Effect and No-slip Boundary Conditions

Pages 1069-1083


Akil J. Harfash; Ghazi A. Meften

3. Miscellaneous Modeling Approaches and Testing of a Satellite Honeycomb Sandwich Plate

Pages 1084-1097


Ali Aborehab; Mohammed Kassem; Ahmed Nemnem; Mohamed Kamel

4. Numerical Study on Subsurface Stress in Hertzian Contacts under Pure Sliding Conditions

Pages 1098-1106


Fadi Ali

5. Hybrid Solution for the Analysis of MHD Micropolar Fluid Flow in a Vertical Porous Parallel-Plates Duct

Pages 1107-1124


Helder K. Miyagawa; Ingrid V. Curcino; Fabio A. Pontes; Emanuel N. Macêdo; Péricles C. Pontes; João N.N. Quaresma

6. Third-grade Fluid Flow of Stretching Cylinder with Heat Source/Sink

Pages 1125-1132


Aamir Ali; Sana Mumraiz; Sara Nawaz; Muhammad Awais; Saleem Asghar

7. Numerical Calculation of an Air Centrifugal Separator Based on the SARC Turbulence Model

Pages 1133-1140


Madaliev Murodil Erkinjon son

8. Entropy Analysis of a Radiating Magnetic Liquid Film along a Slippery Inclined Heated Surface with Convective Cooling

Pages 1141-1150


Oluwole Daniel Makinde; Adetayo Samuel Eegunjobi

9. Forced-based Shear-flexure-interaction Frame Element for Nonlinear Analysis of Non-ductile Reinforced Concrete Columns

Pages 1151-1167


Worathep Sae-Long; Suchart Limkatanyu; Chayanon Hansapinyo; Thanongsak Imjai; MInho Kwon

10. Unsteady Stokes Flow through a Porous Pipe with Periodic Suction and Injection with Slip Conditions

Pages 1168-1177


Zarqa Bano; Abdul Majeed Siddiqui; Kaleemullah Bhatti

11. Different Groups of Variational Principles for Whitham-Broer-‎Kaup Equations in Shallow Water

Pages 1178-1183


Xiao-Qun Cao; Ya-Nan Guo; Cheng-Zhuo Zhang; Shi-Cheng Hou; Ke-Cheng Peng

Technical Brief

12. A Simple Approach to Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations

Pages 1184-1186


Ji-Huan He

Research Paper

13. A Radial Basis Function Collocation Method for Space-dependent ‎Inverse Heat Problems

Pages 1187-1199


Muhammad Nawaz Khan; Imtiaz Ahmad; Hijaz Ahmad

14. Effect of Two Baffles on MHD Natural Convection in U-Shape ‎Superposed by Solid Nanoparticle having Different Shapes

Pages 1200-1209


Hameed K. Hamzah; Farooq H. Ali; M. Hatami; D. Jing

15. Computational Analysis of Turbulent Flow over a Bluff Body with ‎Drag Reduction Devices

Pages 1210-1219


Adam Abikan; Zhiyin Yang; Yiling Lu

16. Modified Variational Iteration Technique for the Numerical ‎Solution of Fifth Order KdV-type Equations

Pages 1220-1227


Hijaz Ahmad; Tufail A. Khan; Predrag S. Stanimirovic; Imtiaz Ahmad

17. Analysis of a Jet Pump Performance under Different Primary Nozzle ‎Positions and Inlet Pressures using two Approaches: One Dimensional ‎Analytical Model and Three Dimensional CFD Simulations‎

Pages 1228-1244


William Orozco Murillo; José Alfredo Palacio-Fernande; Iván David Patiño Arcila; Johan Steven Zapata Monsalve; John Alexander Hincapié Isaza

18. Bending of Functionally Graded Sandwich Nanoplates Resting on ‎Pasternak Foundation under Different Boundary Conditions

Pages 1245-1259


Ahmed A. Daikh; Ashraf M. Zenkour

19. Application of Atangana-Baleanu Fractional Derivative to ‎Carbon Nanotubes Based Non-Newtonian Nanofluid: ‎Applications in Nanotechnology

Pages 1260-1269


Kashif Ali Abro; Muzaffar Hussain Laghari; J.F. Gómez-Aguilar

20. Explicit and Implicit Finite -Volume Methods for Depth Averaged Free-Surface Flows

Pages 1270-1282


Evangelia D. Farsirotou; Alexander D. Panagiotopoulos; Johannes V. Soulis

21. The Brick Thermal Performance Improvement using Phase ‎Change Materials

Pages 1283-1292


Nadezhda S. Bondareva; Mikhail A. Sheremet; Fu-Yun Zhao

22. A Periodic Solution of the Newell-Whitehead-Segel (NWS) Wave ‎Equation via Fractional Calculus

Pages 1293-1300


Nasser S. Elgazery

23. Analysis of Entropy Generation in Hydromagnetic Micropolar Fluid Flow over an Inclined Nonlinear Permeable Stretching Sheet with Variable Viscosity

Pages 1301-1313


Ephesus Olusoji Fatunmbi; Sulyman Olakunle Salawu

24. A Novel Quadrilateral Element for Dynamic Response of Plate ‎Structures Subjected to Blast Loading

Pages 1314-1323


Hoang Lan Ton That

25. Simultaneous Flow of Three Immiscible Fractional Maxwell Fluids ‎with the Clear and Hoamogeneous Porous Cylindrical Domain

Pages 1324-1334


Abdul Rauf; Memona Naz

26. An 8-Node Solid-Shell Finite Element based on Assumed Bending ‎Strains and Cell-Based Smoothed Membrane Strains for Static Analysis of Plates and Shells

Pages 1335-1347


Thanh Chau-Dinh; Nhat Le-Tran

27. Discretization of the 2D Convection–Diffusion Equation Using ‎Discrete Exterior Calculus

Pages 1348-1363


Marco A. Noguez; Salvador Botello; Rafael Herrera; Humberto Esqueda

28. Singular Stresses at a Vertex and Along a Singular Line in Three-‎dimensional Piezoelectric Bonded Joints

Pages 1364-1370


Chonlada Luangarpa; Hideo Koguchi

29. Pre-drilling Effect on Thermal Friction Drilling of Cast Aluminum ‎Alloy Using Thermo-mechanical Finite Element Analysis

Pages 1371-1379


Sara Ahmed El-Bahloul

30. The Permutation Entropy and its Applications on Fire Tests Data

Pages 1380-1393


Flavia-Corina Mitroi-Symeonidis; Ion Anghel; Octavian Lalu; Constantin Popa

31. Stability Analysis of a Damped Nonlinear Wave Equation

Pages 1394-1403


Yusry O. El-Dib; Galal M. Moatimid; Nasser S. Elgazery

32. The Relations between the Various Critical Temperatures of Thin ‎FGM Plates

Pages 1404-1419


Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Hassan; Naci Kurgan; Nihat Can

33. Two Modifications of the Homotopy Perturbation Method for ‎Nonlinear Oscillators

Pages 1420-1425


Naveed Anjum; Ji-Huan He

34. Larin Parameterization to Solve the Problem of Analytical ‎Construction of the Optimal Regulator of Oscillatory Systems ‎with Liquid Dampers

Pages 1426-1430


Fikret A. Aliev; Nihan A. Aliev; N.I. Velieva; Nargiz A. Safarova

35. Theoretical Analysis of the Motorcycle Front Brake Heating ‎Process during High Initial Speed Emergency Braking

Pages 1431-1437


Andrzej Borawski; Dariusz Szpica; Grzegorz Mieczkowski; Eliza Borawska; Mohamed M. Awad; Rizk M. Shalaby; Mohammed Sallah

36. Multiobjective Geometric Analysis of Stiffened Plates under ‎Bending through Constructal Design Method

Pages 1438-1449


Vinícius Torres Pinto; Luiz Alberto Oliveira Rocha; Cristiano Fragassa; Elizaldo Domingues dos Santos; Liércio André Isoldi


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