Bending Response of Nanobeams Resting on Elastic Foundation

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Division, Akdeniz University Antalya, TURKIYE


In the present study, the finite element method is developed for the static analysis of nano-beams under the Winkler foundation and the uniform load. The small scale effect along with Eringen's nonlocal elasticity theory is taken into account. The governing equations are derived based on the minimum potential energy principle. Galerkin weighted residual method is used to obtain the finite element equations. The validity and novelty of the results for bending are tested and comparative results are presented. Deflections according to different Winkler foundation parameters and small scale parameters are tabulated and plotted. As it can be seen clearly from figures and tables, for simply-supported boundary conditions, the effect of small scale parameter is very high when the Winkler foundation parameter is smaller. On the other hand, for clamped-clamped boundary conditions, the effect of small scale parameter is higher when the Winkler foundation parameter is high. Although the effect of the small scale parameter is adverse on deflection for simply-supported and clamped-clamped boundary conditions.


Main Subjects

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