Semi-Analytical Solution for Vibration of Nonlocal Piezoelectric Kirchhoff Plates Resting on Viscoelastic Foundation

Document Type : Research Paper


College of Aerospace Science and Engineering, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, Hunan 410073, China


Semi-analytical solutions for vibration analysis of nonlocal piezoelectric Kirchhoff plates resting on viscoelastic foundation with arbitrary boundary conditions are derived by developing Galerkin strip distributed transfer function method. Based on the nonlocal elasticity theory for piezoelectric materials and Hamilton's principle, the governing equations of motion and boundary conditions are first obtained, where external electric voltage, viscoelastic foundation, piezoelectric effect, and nonlocal effect are considered simultaneously. Subsequently, Galerkin strip distributed transfer function method is developed to solve the governing equations for the semi-analytical solutions of natural frequencies. Numerical results from the model are also presented to show the effects of nonlocal parameter, external electric voltages, boundary conditions, viscoelastic foundation, and geometric dimensions on vibration responses of the plate. The results demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed methods for vibration analysis of nonlocal piezoelectric Kirchhoff plates resting on viscoelastic foundation.


Main Subjects

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