On the Use of Acoustic Emission and Digital Image Correlation for Welded Joints Damage Characterization

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, General Directorate of Electrical Energy production, Basrah, Basrah, Iraq

2 Department of Materials Engineering, University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq

3 School of Engineering, Cardiff University, The Parade, CF24 3AA, Cardiff, UK


A series of tests have been conducted to investigate fatigue damage characterization in corroded welded steel plates using structural health monitoring (SHM) techniques. Acoustic Emission (AE) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) technique with potential applications for locating and monitoring fatigue cracks in service. In the present work, AE is implemented to characterize damage during crack evolution. It is considered to be based on the relationship between RA value (the rise time divided by the amplitude) and the average frequency of the recorded data. Results are confirmed by visual observation of the crack geometry at the end of the test and by Digital image correlation (DIC) measurements. It is seen that the obtained results allow a better understanding of such damage mechanisms, and enabling an early warning against final failure. Thus, ensuring the safety and integrity of the structures is feasible.


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