Study of MHD Second Grade Flow through a Porous Microchannel under the Dual-Phase-Lag Heat and Mass Transfer Model

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology deemed to be University (KIIT), Bhubaneswar-751024, Odisha, India

2 Faculty of Military Science, Stellenbosch University, Private Bag X2, Saldanha 7395,South Africa


A semi-analytical investigation has been carried out to analyze unsteady MHD second-grade flow under the Dual-Phase-Lag (DPL) heat and mass transfer model in a vertical microchannel filled with porous material. Diffusion thermo (Dufour) effects and homogenous chemical reaction are considered as well. The governing partial differential equations are solved by using the Laplace transform method while its inversion is done numerically using INVLAP subroutine of MATLAB. The numerical values of fluid velocity, fluid temperature and species concentration are demonstrated through graphs while the numerical values of skin friction, heat transfer rate and mass transfer rate presented in tabular form for different values of parameters that govern the flow. For the first time, a comparison of heat transfer utilizing the classical Fourier’s heat conduction model, hyperbolic heat conduction Cattaneo-Vernotte (CV) model, and the DPL model is carried out for the flow of a second grade fluid. It is found that the differences between them vanish at dimensionless time t=0.4 (for temperature) and at t=0.5 (for velocity), i.e. at a time where the system reaches steady state. The influence of phase lag parameters in both thermal and solutal transport on the fluid flow characteristics have been deciphered and analyzed. The results conveyed through this article would help researchers to understand non-Fourier heat and mass transfer in the flow of second-grade fluids which may play a vital role in the design of systems in polymer industries.


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