Micropolar Fluid Flow Induced due to a Stretching Sheet with Heat Source/Sink and Surface Heat Flux Boundary Condition Effects

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, Vaagdevi College of Engineering, Warangal -506005, Telangana, India

2 Department of Mathematics, B V Raju Institute of Technology, Medak-502313, Telangana, India

3 Department of Mathematics, SAS, Vellore institute of Technology (VIT University), Vellore-632014, Tamilnadu, India


Computational and mathematical models provide an important compliment to experimental studies in the development of solar energy engineering in case of electro-conductive magnetic micropolar polymers. Inspired by further understanding the complex fluid dynamics of these processes, we examine herein the non-linear steady, hydromagnetic micropolar flow with radiation and heat source/sink effects included. The transformed non-dimensional governing partial differential equations are solved with the R-K fourth order with shooting technique subjected to appropriate boundary conditions. The characteristics of the embedded parameters are obtained and presented through graphs. Velocity and microrotation of the fluid decreased with enhancing values of material parameter and suction/injection parameter. Electric field parameter has ability to enhance velocity, but temperature shows opposite behaviour. Microrotation increases for both magnetic field and surface temperature parameters.


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