Chemical Reaction Effects on Bio-Convection Nanofluid flow between two Parallel Plates in Rotating System with Variable Viscosity: A Numerical Study

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, SAS, VIT, Vellore-632014, T.N, India


In the present work, a mathematical model is developed and analyzed to study the influence of nanoparticle concentration through Brownian motion and thermophoresis diffusion. The governing system of PDEs is transformed into a coupled non-linear ODEs by using suitable variables. The converted equations are then solved by using robust shooting method with the help of MATLAB (bvp4c). The impacts of dynamic parameters on the flow, energy and concentration are discussed graphically. It is noticed that the mass transfer rate in case of regular fluid is lower than that of nanofluid and the axial velocity converges to the boundary very fast in case of temperature dependent viscosity case than the regular viscous case.


Main Subjects

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