Love Wave Propagation in a Fiber-reinforced Layer with Corrugated Boundaries Overlying Heterogeneous Half-space

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Applied Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), India


Love-type wave generation in a fiber-reinforced medium placed over an inhomogeneous orthotropic half-space is analysed. The upper and lower boundary surfaces of the fiber reinforced medium are periodically corrugated. Inhomogeneity of half-space is caused by variable density and variable shear modules. Displacement components for layer and half-space are derived by applying separable variable technique. Dispersion relation for Love wave is obtained in closed form. Numerical calculations for the achieved dispersion equation are performed. In the numerical examples, the main attention is focused on the effect of corrugation investigation, reinforced parameters and inhomogeneity on the relations between wave number and phase velocity.


Main Subjects

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