Vibration and Buckling Analysis of Functionally Graded Flexoelectric Smart Beam

Document Type : Research Paper


Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran


In this paper, the buckling and vibration behaviour of functionally graded flexoelectric nanobeam is examined. The vibration and buckling formulations of functionally graded nanobeam are developed by using a new theory that’s presented exclusively for flexoelecteric nano-materials. So by considering Von-Karman strain and forming enthalpy equation based on displacement, polarization and electric potential, electromechanical coupling equations are developed base on Hamilton’ principle. By considering boundary condition of simply support and clamped-clamped and also Euler-Bernoulli beam model, pre-buckling, buckling and the vibration behavior of functionally graded nanobeam affected by flexoelectric will be investigated.


Main Subjects

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