Numerical Calculation of an Air Centrifugal Separator Based on the SARC Turbulence Model

Document Type : Research Paper


Institute of Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering M.T. Urazbaev, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


The numerical results of mathematical modeling of a two-phase swirling turbulent flow in the separation zone of a centrifugal apparatus are presented. The motion of the carrier gas flow was modeled using the averaged Navier-Stokes equations, for the closure of which the well-known turbulence model by Schur and Spalart was used, the amendment to the Spalart-Allmaras SARC model. Based on the obtained field of averaged velocities of the carrier medium, taking into account turbulent diffusion. The article compares the results taking into account the influence of the solid phase on the dynamics of the air environment and without taking it into account with experimental data.


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