Control of Actuators Torques for Optimal Movement along a ‎Given Trajectory for the DexTAR Robot

Document Type : Research Paper


Institute of Information and Computational Technologies, 125, Pushkin str., Almaty, 050000, Kazakhstan


The control problem of the dynamics of actuators is considered to obtain a given optimal movement of the end-effector for a parallel Dexterous Twin Arms Robot (DexTAR). The trajectory is assumed to be known in advance, and the law of motion along the trajectory is given from some optimality conditions. The equations of dynamics of the robot are written under the condition that the leading rods are driven by torques of a symmetrically arranged pair of engines. The solutions of the direct and inverse kinematic problems are presented as auxiliary material. The resulting nonlinear motion equations are derived. A numerical example shows that the equations can be simplified neglecting the change in the angle between the rods at the end-effector. Numerical examples of calculating the torques are given.


Main Subjects

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