On the Analytical and Computational Methodologies for Modelling Two-wheeled Vehicles within the Multibody Dynamics Framework: A Systematic Literature Review

Document Type : Review Paper


Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Salerno, Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132, Fisciano, 84084, Salerno, Italy


In this paper, a literature review on two-wheeled vehicle systems is methodically performed and presented. For this purpose, the principal aspects concerning the kinematic, dynamic, control, and identification features of articulated mechanical systems described within the multibody formulation approach are emphasized in this review article. First, the scientific investigations on two-wheeled vehicle modelling are chronologically described employing a historical literature review approach. This is done to set a consistent context for the subsequent developments analyzed in the paper. Then, following the systematic literature review methodology described in this work, a rich corpus of relevant documents in the time span between 2013-present. Moreover, bibliometric methods are used to construct the conceptual structure map of the research field, which also allowed for formulating a thematic classification. Thus, considering the full-texts of the identified corpus of documents, this work presents a synthetic analysis of the fundamental issues about the multibody approaches for modelling two-wheeled vehicles. Finally, future research perspectives are pointed out in this article


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