Dynamic Response of Functionally Graded Carbon ‎Nanotube-Reinforced Hybrid Composite Plates

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Guishan Shiang 33306, Taiwan

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Oriental Institute of Technology, Pan-Chiao 22061, Taiwan

3 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ming Chi University of Technology, Tai-Shan 24301, Taiwan

4 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chinese Culture University, Taipei 11114, Taiwan


Dynamic instability behavior of functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced hybrid composite plates subjected to periodic loadings is studied. The governing equations of motion of Mathieu-type are established by using the Galerkin method with reduced eigenfunctions transforms. With the Mathieu equations, the dynamic instability regions of hybrid nanocomposite plates are determined by using the Bolotin’s method. Results reveal that the dynamic instability is significantly affected by the carbon nanotube volume fraction, layer thickness ratio, bending stress, static and dynamic load parameters. The effects of important parameters on the instability region and dynamic instability index of hybrid nanocomposite plates are discussed.


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