Impact of Microbial Activity and Stratification Phenomena on Generating/Absorbing Sutterby Nanofluid over a Darcy Porous Medium

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1 Department of Applied Mathematics, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal, Kolkata-700064, India‎

2 Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700032, India


The present article discusses the impact of microbial activity by considering Sutterby nanofluid over a stretching surface with the Brownian motion and porous medium. Thermophoretic effects are the measure concerned to balance the temperature of the fluid to generate the improved results. We include these effects in our model with some other parameters like Brownian motion and microbial activity. The stratification phenomenon is considered for the evaluation of heat generation/absorption over the horizontal sheet in the Sutterby nanofluid. The porous medium and chemical reaction with microbial activity is further analyzed in an incompressible Sutterby nanofluid. With the help of some suitable similarity transformations, the initial boundary conditions and the governing partial differential equations of our model are converted into the coupled structure of ordinary differential equations and final boundary conditions. The Spectral quasilinearization method (SQLM) is used to numerically solve these ordinary differential equations to evaluate the impacts of various parameters taken in our model. The graphical representation of different parameters is analyzed for the flow, temperature, solutal and microbial distribution. The coefficients of physical interest are also analyzed and show good results in favor. The rise of nanofluid parameters declines the flow profile of the fluid while enhancing the temperature profile and falling for the thermal stratification phenomenon. The Sutterby nanofluid model also incorporates the behavior of dilatant solutions and pseudoplastic which is helpful in various engineering processes and industries. This model is ideal for polymeric melts as well as high polymer resolutions.


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