Fluid-dynamic Simulations for Assessment of Dimensioning ‎Methodologies of Pelton Turbine Buckets Considering the Initial ‎Torque Overcoming

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1 Grupo de Investigación e Innovación en Energía, Facultad de Ingeniería, I.U. Pascual Bravo. Calle 73 # 73A – 226. 050034 Medellín, Colombia‎

2 Grupo de Investigación e Innovación Ambiental, Facultad de Ingeniería, I.U. Pascual Bravo, Calle 73 # 73A-226, 050034, Medellín, Colombia‎


The growing demand for energy resources highlights the need to optimize traditional energy transformation systems. Pelton-type turbines, which are extensively used in micro-generation systems, can be designed using different methodologies, however, no consensus has been reached on which methodology guarantees greater efficiency. This work aims to compare the fluid-dynamic behavior at the first-time instants of Pelton turbines for micro-generation dimensioned by three different methodologies, namely, OLADE, Nechleba, and Thake, evaluating their capacity to overcome the initial torque. The results show that OLADE methodology leads to the best fluid-dynamic performance, whereas Nechleba fails to overcome the prescribed torque. In the Thake methodology, the impact of water on the back face of buckets and the formation of reverse pressure gradients can counter the turbine rotation.


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