Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Functionally Graded Porous Plates on Elastic Foundation Subjected to Thermal and Mechanical Loads

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Advanced Materials and Structures Laboratory, VNU-Hanoi - University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Hanoi, 100000, Vietnam

2 Infrastructure Engineering Program -VNU-Hanoi, Vietnam-Japan University (VJU), Hanoi, 100000, Vietnam

3 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Sejong University, 98 Gunja Dong, Gwangjin Gu, Seoul, 143-747, South Korea


In this paper, the first-order shear deformation theory is used to derive theoretical formulations illustrating the nonlinear dynamic response of functionally graded porous plates under thermal and mechanical loadings supported by Pasternak’s model of the elastic foundation. Two types of porosity including evenly distributed porosities (Porosity-I) and unevenly distributed porosities (Porosity-II) are assumed as effective properties of FGM plates such as Young’s modulus, the coefficient of thermal expansion, and density. The strain-displacement formulations using Von Karman geometrical nonlinearity and general Hooke’s law are used to obtain constitutive relations. Airy stress functions with full motion equations which is employed to shorten the number of governing equations along with the boundary and initial conditions lead to a system of differential equations of the nonlinear dynamic response of porous FGM plates. Considering linear parts of these equations, natural frequencies of porous FGM plates are determined. By employing Runge-Kutta method, the numerical results illustrate the influence of geometrical configurations, volume faction index, porosity, elastic foundations, and mechanical as well as thermal loads on the nonlinear dynamic response of the plates. Good agreements are obtained in comparison with other results in the literature.


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