Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, October 2018, Pages 245-401 

Research Paper

Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Functionally Graded Porous Plates on Elastic Foundation Subjected to Thermal and Mechanical Loads

Pages 245-259


Nguyen Dinh Duc; Vu Dinh Quang; Pham Dinh Nguyen; Trinh Minh Chien

Stability Analysis of a Strongly Displacement Time-Delayed Duffing Oscillator Using Multiple Scales Homotopy Perturbation Method

Pages 260-274


Yusry El-Dib

Determination of the Optimal Reduction Ratio for Least Springback during Cold Drawing of Seamless Tubes

Pages 275-285


D. B. Karanjule; S. S. Bhamare; T. H. Rao

Free Convection Flow of an Electrically-Conducting Micropolar Fluid between Parallel Porous Vertical Plates Using Differential Transform

Pages 286-298


J.C Umavathi; Ali J. Chamkha; M. Shekar

An Analysis of Thermal-Bending Stresses in a Simply Supported Thin Elliptical Plate

Pages 299-309


Vinod Varghese

Clogged Impeller Diagnosis in the Centrifugal Pump Using the Vibration and Motor Current Analysis

Pages 310-317


Mehran Jahangiri; Seyed Alireza Seyed Roknizadeh

A Study of Model Separation Flow Behavior at High Angles of Attack Aerodynamics

Pages 318-330


Aritras Roy; Arnab Kumar Mallik; Tushar Pratim Sarma

Evaluation of the Best New Cross-ply Laminated Plate Theories through the Axiomatic/Asymptotic Approach

Pages 331-351


S. Candiotti; J.L. MANTARI

Heat Transfer in Hydro-Magnetic Nano-Fluid Flow between Non-Parallel Plates Using DTM

Pages 352-364


Kezzar Mohamed; Sari Mohamed Rafik; BOURENANE Rabah; Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi; HAIAHEM Ammar

Damage Identification in a Multi-DOF System under Uncertainties Using Optimization Algorithms

Pages 365-374


Ricardo F. Ribeiro; Thiago G. Ritto; Haroldo F. Campos Velho; Jose Herskovits

Review Paper

A Review of Solar Energy Collectors: Models and Applications

Pages 375-401


Younes MENNI; Ahmed AZZI; Ali J. Chamkha