Analysis of Transient Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid and Irreversibility of Exothermic Reactive Hydromagnetic Variable Viscosity

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu, Nigeria

2 Department of Mathematics, Landmark University, Omu-aran, Nigeria

3 Department of Mathematics, University of Chester, Chester, UK


This study analyzes the unsteady Rivlin-Ericksen fluid and irreversibility of exponentially temperature dependent variable viscosity of hydromagnetic two-step exothermic chemical reactive flow along the channel axis with walls convective cooling. The non-Newtonian Hele-Shaw flow of Rivlin-Erickson fluid is driven by bimolecular chemical kinetic and unvarying pressure gradient. The reactive fluid is induced by periodic changes in magnetic field and time. The Newtons law of cooling is satisfied by the constant heat coolant convection exchange at the wall surfaces with the neighboring regime. The dimensionless non-Newtonian reactive fluid equations are numerically solved using a convergent and consistence semi-implicit finite difference technique which are confirmed stable. The response of the reactive fluid flow to variational increase in the values of some entrenched fluid parameters in the momentum and energy balance equations are obtained. A satisfying equations for the ratio of irreversibility, entropy generation and Bejan number are solved with the results presented graphically and discussed quantitatively. From the study, it was obtained that the thermal criticality conditions with the right combination of thermo-fluid parameters, the thermal runaway can be prevented. Also, the entropy generation can minimize at low dissipation rate and viscosity.


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