Research Paper

1. A New Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter for a Class of Nonlinear Systems

Pages 1-12


Iyad Hashlamon

2. Sequential Implicit Numerical Scheme for Pollutant and Heat Transport in a Plane-Poiseuille Flow

Pages 13-25


Chinedu Nwaigwe

3. Analysis of Transient Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid and Irreversibility of Exothermic Reactive Hydromagnetic Variable Viscosity

Pages 26-36


Rasaq Kareem; Salawu Olakunle; Yubin Yan

4. Buckling and Free Vibration Analysis of Fiber Metal-laminated Plates Resting on Partial Elastic Foundation

Pages 37-51


Horae Moraveji Tabasi; Jafar Eskandari Jam; Keramat Malekzadeh Fard; Mohsen Heydari Beni

5. Melting Heat Transfer Analysis on Magnetohydrodynamics Buoyancy Convection in an Enclosure: A Numerical Study

Pages 52-62


K. Venkatadri; Shaik Abdul Gaffar; M. Suryanarayana Reddy; V. Ramachandra Prasad; B. Md. Hidayathulla Khan; Osman Anwar Beg

6. Nonlocal Elasticity Effect on Linear Vibration of Nano-circular Plate Using Adomian Decomposition Method

Pages 63-76


Mohammad Shishesaz; Mojtaba Shariati; Amin Yaghootian

7. Exploration of the Significance of Autocatalytic Chemical Reaction and Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux on the Dynamics of a Micropolar Fluid

Pages 77-89


G. Sarojamma; R. Vijaya Lakshmi; P.V. Satya Narayana; I.L. Animasaun

8. Stress Redistribution Analysis of Piezomagnetic Rotating Thick-Walled Cylinder with Temperature-and Moisture-Dependent Material Properties

Pages 90-104


Mahdi Saadatfar

9. The Development and Application of the RCW Method for the Solution of the Blasius Problem

Pages 105-111


Mostafa Rahmanzadeh; Tahereh Asadi; Meysam Atashafrooz

10. Upgrading the Seismic Capacity of Pile-Supported Wharfs Using Semi-Active Liquid Column Gas Damper

Pages 112-124


Reza Dezvareh

11. Nonlinear Bending Analysis of Functionally Graded Plates Using SQ4T Elements based on Twice Interpolation Strategy

Pages 125-136


Hoang Lan Ton That; Hieu Nguyen-Van; Thanh Chau-Dinh

12. Numerical Analysis of Transient Heat Transfer in Radial Porous Moving Fin with Temperature Dependent Thermal Properties

Pages 137-144


Partner Luyanda Ndlovu

13. Analysis of High-order Approximations by Spectral Interpolation Applied to One- and Two-dimensional Finite Element Method

Pages 145-159


Luís Philipe Ribeiro Almeida; Hilton Marques Souza Santana; Fabio Carlos Da Rocha

14. Modeling of Weld Bead Geometry Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) in Additive Manufacturing

Pages 160-170


Abolfazl Foorginejad; Majid Azargoman; Nader Mollayi; Morteza Taheri

15. Entropy Generation of Variable Viscosity and Thermal Radiation on Magneto Nanofluid Flow with Dusty Fluid

Pages 171-182


Hiranmoy Mondal; Shweta Mishra; Prabir Kumar Kundu; Precious Sibanda