Comparative Study of Plane Poiseuille Flow of Non-isothermal ‎Couple ‎Stress Fluid of Reynold Viscosity Model using Optimal ‎Homotopy ‎Asymptotic Method and New Iterative Method

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Abdul Wali Khan University, Garden Campus, Mardan, KP, Pakistan


In this paper, we have explored the steady Poiseuille flow of couple stress fluid between two parallel plates under ‎the influence of non-isothermal effects of Reynold viscosity model, using Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method ‎‎(OHAM) and New Iterative Method (NIM). We obtained expressions for velocity profile, temperature distribution, ‎average velocity, volume flux and shear stress. The solutions obtained using these methods are in the form of ‎infinite series; therefore, they can be easily computed. Comparative results of solutions obtained by both methods ‎are given using different tables and graphs.


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