Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, April 2021, Pages 382-992 

Research Paper

Approximate Solutions of Coupled Nonlinear Oscillations: ‎Stability Analysis

Pages 382-395


Galal M. Moatimid; Fawzy M.F. Elsabaa; Marwa H. Zekry

Multiscale Numerical Modeling of Solute Transport with Two-‎Phase Flow in a Porous Cavity

Pages 396-403


Mohamed F. El-Amin; Shereen Abbdel-Naeem

Comparative Study of Plane Poiseuille Flow of Non-isothermal ‎Couple ‎Stress Fluid of Reynold Viscosity Model using Optimal ‎Homotopy ‎Asymptotic Method and New Iterative Method

Pages 404-414


Alamgeer Khan; Muhammad Farooq; Rashid Nawaz; Muhammad Ayaz; Saeed Islam

Variational Principles for Two Compound Nonlinear Equations ‎with Variable Coefficients

Pages 415-421


Xiao-Qun Cao; Ke-Cheng Peng; Meng-Zhu Liu; Cheng-Zhuo Zhang; Ya-Nan Guo

Meshfree Collocation Method for the Numerical Solution of ‎Higher Order KdV Equation

Pages 422-431


Abdul Samad; Jan Muhammad

The Method of Lines Analysis of Heat Transfer of Ostwald-de Waele Fluid Generated by a Non-uniform Rotating Disk with a Variable Thickness

Pages 432-441


Mohamed R. Ali

On the Dynamics of the Logistic Delay Differential Equation with ‎Two Different Delays

Pages 442-449


Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed El-Sayed; Sanaa Moussa Salman; Ali Mohammed Ali Abo-Bakr

In-Plane Shear-Axial Strain Coupling Formulation for Shear-‎Deformable Composite Thin-Walled Beams

Pages 450-469


Hugo Elizalde; Diego Cárdenas; Arturo Delgado-Gutierrez; Oliver Probst

Design of Cooling Water System (CWS) for CRAFT Lower Hybrid ‎Current Driven (LHCD) System‎

Pages 470-477


Weibao Li; Jiansheng Hu; Lei Yang; Bin Guo; Lili Zhu; Jinxuan Zhou; Zhe Liu; Lidong Yao; Qianglin Xu

Close Loop Design in Glucose Insulin Model with Effect of ‎Physical Exercise

Pages 478-485


Muhammad Farman; Ali Akgül; Aqeel Ahmad

Random Walk Particle Tracking for Convection-diffusion ‎Dominated Problems in Shallow Water Flows

Pages 486-495


Hind Talbi; Elmiloud Chaabelasri; Mohammed Jeyar; Najim Salhi

Numerical Analysis of the Deformation of a Shearing Machine ‎Tool under Excessive Blade Clearance

Pages 496-504


Fotios Bantes; George-Christopher Vosniakos; Protesilaos Kostazos

Free Vibration Analysis of FG Porous Sandwich Plates under ‎Various Boundary Conditions

Pages 505-519


Lazreg Hadji; Mehmet Avcar

Heat Transport Exploration of Free Convection Flow inside ‎Enclosure Having Vertical Wavy Walls

Pages 520-527


Md. Fayz - Al-Asad; Md Nur Alam; Cemil Tunç; M.M.A. - Sarker

Computational Study of Flow around 2D and 3D Tandem Bluff Bodies

Pages 528-534


Terrance Charles; Zhiyin Yang; Yiling Lu

Uniformly Convergent Numerical Method for Two-parametric ‎Singularly Perturbed Parabolic Convection-diffusion Problems

Pages 535-545


Tariku Birabasa Mekonnen; Gemechis File Duressa

Effects of Non-Linear Thermal Radiation and Chemical Reaction ‎on Time Dependent Flow of Williamson Nanofluid With Combine ‎Electrical MHD and Activation Energy

Pages 546-558


Gulzar Ahmad Danish; Muhammad Imran; Madeeha Tahir; Hassan Waqas; Muhammad Imran Asjad; Ali Akgül; Dumitru Baleanu

A Robust Three-Level Time-Split MacCormack Scheme for Solving ‎Two-Dimensional Unsteady Convection-Diffusion Equation

Pages 559-577


Eric Ngondiep

Conformable Double Sumudu Transform with Applications

Pages 578-586


Suliman Alfaqeih; Gizel Bakıcıerler; Emine Misirli

Conjugate Mixed Convection in a Horizontal Cylindrical Duct under the Solid Shell Internal Heat Generation

Pages 587-597


Rachid Bessaïh; Chérifa Abid

Axisymmetric Problem of the Elasticity Theory for the Radially ‎Inhomogeneous Cylinder with a Fixed Lateral Surface

Pages 598-610


Natig K. Akhmedov

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Heat and Mass ‎Transfer Processes for Determining the Optimal Design of an ‎Accumulator with Phase Transformations

Pages 611-620


Ievgen Antypov; Valery Gorobets; Viktor Trokhaniak

Analytical Simulation for Transient Natural Convection in a ‎Horizontal Cylindrical Concentric Annulus

Pages 621-637


A.S.J. Al-Saif; Takia Ahmed J. Al-Griffi

Non-linear Radiation and Navier-slip effects on UCM Nanofluid ‎Flow past a Stretching Sheet under Lorentzian Force

Pages 638-645


P. Sreenivasulu; T. Poornima; B. Vasu; Rama Subba Reddy Gorla; N. Bhaskar Reddy

Robust P-H∞ Integrated Controller for Flexible Link Manipulator ‎System in the Presence of Disturbance

Pages 646-654


Esmail Ali Alandoli; T. S. Lee; Chu A. My; Marwan Qaid Mohammed

A General Multibody Approach for the Linear and Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Bicycle Systems. Part I: Methods of Constrained Dynamics

Pages 655-670


Carmine Maria Pappalardo; Antonio Lettieri; Domenico Guida

A General Multibody Approach for the Linear and Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Bicycle Systems. Part II: Application to the Whipple-Carvallo Bicycle Model

Pages 671-700


Carmine Maria Pappalardo; Antonio Lettieri; Domenico Guida

A Novel Fractional-Order System: Chaos, Hyperchaos and ‎Applications to Linear Control

Pages 701-714


Ahmed Ezzat Matouk

An analytical Technique for Solving New Computational ‎Solutions of the Modified Zakharov-Kuznetsov ‎Equation Arising ‎in Electrical Engineering

Pages 715-726


Shariful Islam; Md. Nur Alam; Md. Fayz Al-Asad; Cemil Tunç

Numerical Study and Geometric Investigation of Corrugated ‎Channels Subjected to Forced Convective Flows

Pages 727-738


Rafael San Martin Moreira; Cícero Coelho de Escobar; Liércio André Isoldi; Rodrigo Rocha Davesac; Luiz Alberto Oliveira Rocha; Elizaldo Domingues dos Santos

Analytical Expressions for the Singularities Treatment in the ‎Three-dimensional Elastostatic Boundary Element Method

Pages 739-751


Leonardo Fellipe Prado Leite; Rodrigo Souza de Melo; Fabio Carlos Da Rocha

Laminar Flow Control and Drag Reduction using Biomimetically ‎Inspired Forward Facing Steps

Pages 752-763


Dinesh Bhatia; Guangning Li; Jing Sun; Jian Wang

New Exact Traveling Wave Solutions for Fractional Order System ‎Describing the Second Grade Fluid through Medium with Heat ‎Transfer‎

Pages 764-781


Arsalan Ahmed; K.K Poonam; Munam Khalil; Fatima Riaz; Syed Mohammad Mohsnain

The Rank Upgrading Technique for a Harmonic Restoring Force ‎of Nonlinear Oscillators

Pages 782-789


Yusry Osman El-Dib; Rajaa. T Matoog

Nonlinear Control for Attitude Stabilization of a Rigid Body ‎Forced by Nonstationary Disturbances with Zero Mean Values

Pages 790-797


Alexander Y. Aleksandrov; Alexey A. Tikhonov

Sensitivity Analyses of Structural Damage Indicators and ‎Experimental Validations

Pages 798-810


Jiqiao Zhang; Zhiqiang Teng; Xiaojian Xu; Gongfa Chen; David Bassir

Design Optimization and Experimental Validation of Low-Cost ‎Flat Plate Collector Under Central Qasssim Climate

Pages 811-819


Mohamed Nejlaoui; Abdullah Alghafis; Hussain Sadig

Finite Element and Experimental Investigation on the Effect of ‎Repetitive Shock in Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

Pages 820-830


Viet Dung Luong; Anne-Sophie Bonnin; Fazilay Abbès; Jean-Baptiste Nolot; Damien Erre; Boussad Abbès

Structural and Aerodynamical Parametric Study of Truss-Core ‎Gas Turbine Rotor Blade

Pages 831-838


Dulat Akzhigitov; Tamerlan Srymbetov; Abilkhairkhan Aldabergen; Christos Spitas

Impacts of Volume of Carbon Nanotubes on Bending for Carbon-‎Kevlar Hybrid Fabrics

Pages 839-848


Elias Randjbaran; Dayang L. Majid; Rizal Zahari; Mohamed T. H. Sultan; Norkhairunnisa Mazlan

Method of Unsteady Hydrodynamic Characteristics ‎Determination in Turbulent Boundary Layer

Pages 849-857


Vasiliy Shabarov; Pavel Kalyasov; Vitaliy Shaposhnikov; Fedor Peplin

Schmidt-Ishlinskii Yield Criterion and a Rotating Cylinder with a ‎Rigid Inclusion

Pages 858-869


Aleksandr Prokudin

Thermoelastic Memory-dependent Responses to an Infinite Medium ‎with a Cylindrical Hole and Temperature-dependent Properties

Pages 870-882


Essam Awwad; Ahmed E. Abouelregal; Amr Hassan

Review Paper

Moving Least Squares Method and its Improvement: A Concise Review

Pages 883-889


Wah Yen Tey; Nor Azwadi Che Sidik; Yutaka Asako; Mohammed W. Muhieldeen; Omid Afshar

Research Paper

Parameter Estimation in Population Balance through Bayesian ‎Technique Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Pages 890-901


Carlos H.R. Moura; Bruno M. Viegas; Maria R.M. Tavares; Emanuel N. Macêdo; Diego C. Estumano; João N.N. Quaresma

Diffusion-thermo Effects in Stagnation Point Flow of Second ‎Grade Fluid past a Stretching Plate

Pages 902-912


Sudheer Khan; Syed Muhammad Imran; Shu Wang

Nonlinear Dynamic Behavior of Hyperbolic Paraboloidal Shells ‎Reinforced by Carbon Nanotubes with Various Distributions

Pages 913-921


Elcin Yusufoglu; Mahmure AVEY

Applicability Evidence of Constructal Design in Structural ‎Engineering: Case Study of Biaxial Elasto-Plastic Buckling of ‎Square Steel Plates with Elliptical Cutout

Pages 922-934


Thiago da Silveira; Vinícius Torres Pinto; João Pedro Sarasol Neufeld; Ana Pavlovic; Luiz Alberto Oliveira Rocha; Elizaldo Domingues dos Santos; Liércio André Isoldi

Unsteady MHD Mixed Convection Flow of Water over a Sphere ‎with Mass Transfer

Pages 935-943


A. Sahaya Jenifer; P. Saikrishnan; Roland W. Lewis

Nonlinear Biodynamic Models of the Hand-arm System and ‎Parameters Identification using the Vibration Transmissibility or ‎the Driving-point Mechanical Impedance

Pages 944-955


Nahid Hida; Mohamed Abid; Faouzi Lakrad

Two-Dimensional Numerical Study of the Transient Flow ‎Conditions in Complete Shock Tunnel‎

Pages 956-964


A.M. Mohsen; M.Z. Yusoff; Hakim S. Sultan Aljibori; Amir Al-Falahi; Abdul Amir H. Kadhum

Fatigue Life Analysis of Bus Body based on User Target Load Spectrum‎

Pages 965-969


Guangwei Meng; Chuanxin Ren; Xiaolin Li; Liming Zhou; Feng Li; Tonghui Wei

Solution of the Problem of Analytical Construction of Optimal ‎Regulators for a Fractional Order Oscillatory System in the ‎General Case

Pages 970-976


Fikret A Aliev; Nihan A Aliev; Nargiz A. Safarova; Yegana Vahid Mamedova

Influence of Pressure on the Frequency Spectrum of Micro and ‎Nanoresonators on Hinged Supports

Pages 977-983



Quasi-bifurcation and Imperfection-sensitivity of Cylindrical ‎Shells under Pressures due to an Explosion

Pages 984-992


Mariano P. Ameijeiras; Luis A. Godoy