Heat and Mass Transfer of Natural Convective Flow with Slanted ‎Magnetic Field via Fractional Operators

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Science & Humanities, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences,‎ Lahore Campus, 54000, Pakistan

2 Department of Mathematics, Cankaya University, Ankara, 06790, Turkey

3 Institute of Space Sciences, Magurele, Bucharest, 077125, Romania

4 Department of Medical Research, China Medical University Hospital, China Medical University, Taichung City, 40402, Taiwan

5 Department of Mathematics, University of Management and Technology, Lahore, 54000, Pakistan

6 Institute for Groundwater Studies (IGS), University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa


This article explores the MHD natural convective viscous and incompressible fluid flow along with radiation and chemical reaction. The flow is confined to a moving tilted plate under slanted magnetic field with variable temperature in a porous medium. Non-dimensional parameter along Laplace transformation and inversion algorithm are used to investigate the solution of system of dimensionless governing equations. Fractional differential operators namely, Caputo (C), Caputo-Fabrizio (CF) and Atangana-Baleanu in Caputo sense (ABC) are used to compare graphical behavior of for velocity, temperature and concentration for emerging parameters. On comparison, it is observed that fractional order model is better in explaining the memory effect as compared to classical model. Velocity showing increasing behavior for fractional parameter a whereas there is a decline in temperature, and concentration profiles for a. Fluid velocity goes through a decay due to rise in the values of M, Sc and j. However, velocity shows a reverse profile for augmented inputs of Kp , Gr and S. Tabular comparison is made for velocity and Nusselt number and Sherwood number for fractional models.


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