A Novel Approach to Compute the Numerical Solution of Variable Coefficient Fractional Burgers' Equation with Delay

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Patna, Patna–801106, Bihar, India

2 Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University-Kingville, Kingsville, TX, USA


In this article, we come up with a novel numerical scheme based on Haar wavelet (HW) along with nonstandard ‎finite difference (NSFD) scheme to solve time-fractional Burgers’ equation with variable diffusion coefficient and ‎time delay. In the solution process, we discretize the fractional time derivative by NSFD ‎ formula and spatial ‎derivative by HWs series expansion. We use the quasilinearisation process to linearize the nonlinear term. Also, ‎the convergence of the scheme is discussed. The efficiency and correctness of the proposed scheme are assessed ‎by ‎L∞-error and L2‎ ‎-error norms.‎


Main Subjects

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