A Simplified Analytical Method for Detuning Periodic Pile Barriers

Document Type : Technical Brief


Institute of Smart Materials and Structures, School of Civil Engineering. Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, 100044, China


Detuning such as slight variations among unit cells often occurs in the construction of periodic structures. In order to study this kind of structures, a supercell is usually introduced, which requires tremendous amounts of computer memory and time. To simplify the calculation of detuning periodic pile barriers, the sensitivity analysis of geometric parameters to the first attenuation zone is conducted. A formula for calculating the equivalent radius of detuning periodic pile barriers is proposed. Modification by the BP neural network is completed in order to get a more accurate attenuation zone. The effectiveness and convenience of the equivalent radius formula are verified by studying the dynamic performances of detuning periodic pile barriers. The influence of the extent of detuning on the accuracy of the attenuation zone is discussed and some suggestions are given. This study shows that the attenuation zone of detuning periodic pile barriers can be easily obtained by using the formula established in this paper, which provides a simple way to find the dynamic property of this kind of barriers.


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