Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 4, October 2022, Pages 1141-1487 

Research Paper

Twin Screw Expanders Profile Optimization Using Surrogate-‎Based Modelling

Pages 1141-1153


Hormoz Abolhasani; Mahdi Moghimi; Mahmoud Ebrahimi

Free Convection of Micropolar Fluid over an Infinite Inclined ‎Moving Porous Plate

Pages 1154-1162


A.K. Dash; S.R. Mishra

Magnetized Bi-convective Nanofluid Flow and Entropy ‎Production Using Temperature-sensitive Base Fluid Properties:‎ A Unique Approach

Pages 1163-1175


Tapas Barman; S. Roy; Ali J. Chamkha

An Experimental Comparison between Wing Root and Wingtip ‎Corrugation Patterns of Dragonfly Wing at Ultra-low Reynolds ‎Number and High Angles of Attack‎

Pages 1176-1185


Mohammad Hojaji; Mohammad Reza Soufivand; Roham Lavimi

Characterization of the Nonlinear Biaxial Mechanical Behavior ‎of Human Ureter using Constitutive Modeling and Artificial ‎Neural Networks

Pages 1186-1195


Behzad Seyfi; Aisa Rassoli; Milad Imeni Markhali; Naser Fatouraee

Nonlinear Primary Frequency Response Analysis of Self-‎Sustaining Nanobeam Considering Surface Elasticity

Pages 1196-1207


Habib Ramezannejad Azarboni; Hamidreza Heidari

Magneto Casson-Carreau Fluid Flow through a Circular Porous ‎Cylinder with Partial Slip‎

Pages 1208-1221


N. Nagendra; B. Venkateswarlu; Z. Boulahia; CH. Amanulla; G.K. Ramesh

Pull-in Phenomenon in the Electrostatically Micro-switch ‎Suspended between Two Conductive Plates using the Artificial ‎Neural Network

Pages 1222-1235


Mortaza Aliasghary; Hamed Mobki; Hassen M. OUAKAD

Theoretical Investigation of Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity ‎of a Gas along a Non-isothermal Vertical Surface in Porous ‎Environment with Dissipative Heat: Numerical Technique

Pages 1236-1245


Silpi Hazarika; Sahin Ahmed

Theoretical Study on Poiseuille Flow of Herschel-Bulkley Fluid in ‎Porous Media‎

Pages 1246-1269


D.S. Sankar; K.K. Viswanathan; Atulya K. Nagar; Nurul Aini Binti Jaafar; A. Vanav Kumar

A Deep Learning Approach to Predict the Flow Field and Thermal ‎Patterns of Nonencapsulated Phase Change Materials ‎Suspensions in an Enclosure‎

Pages 1270-1278


Mohammad Edalatifar; Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli; Farbod Setoudeh

Theoretical Study of Convective Heat Transfer in Ternary ‎Nanofluid Flowing past a Stretching Sheet

Pages 1279-1286


S. Manjunatha; V. Puneeth; B.J. Gireesha; Ali. J. Chamkha

Thermomechanical Stresses of Multilayered Wellbore Structure ‎of Underground Hydrogen Storage – A Simplified Solution Based ‎on Recursive Algorithm

Pages 1287-1298


Lih Chi Sim; Wei Hong Yeo; Judha Purbolaksono; Lip Huat Saw; Jing Yuen Tey; Jer Vui Lee; Ming Chian Yew

An Analysis of Nonlinear Beam Vibrations with the Extended ‎Rayleigh-Ritz Method

Pages 1299-1306


Huimin Jing; Xianglin Gong; Ji Wang; Rongxing Wu; Bin Huang

Moment-Inertial Factor as a Criterion for Assessing the ‎Dimension of an Aircraft

Pages 1307-1314


Mikhail Yu. Kuprikov; Pavel O. Polyakov; Nikita M. Kuprikov

Influence of Up-down-up Constitutive Equation Parameters on ‎Yield Plateau Stage of Mild Steel Samples Subjected to Stretching

Pages 1315-1323


Artyom O. Chirkov; Mikhail O. Eremin

Multi-objective Optimal Design of Carbon and Glass Reinforced ‎Hybrid Composites under Flexural Loading

Pages 1324-1331


Chensong Dong

Finite Deformations of Fibre-reinforced Elastic Solids with ‎Fibre Bending Stiffness: A Spectral Approach

Pages 1332-1342


M.H.B.M. Shariff; J. Merodio; R. Bustamante

Dynamic Buckling of Stiffened Shell Structures with Transverse ‎Shears under Linearly Increasing Load

Pages 1343-1357


Alexey Semenov

Thermal Diffusion Responses in an Infinite Medium with a ‎Spherical Cavity using the Atangana-Baleanu Fractional ‎Operator

Pages 1358-1369


Doaa Atta

On the Thermo-elastic Response of FG-CNTRC Cross-ply ‎Laminated Plates under Temperature Loading using a New HSDT‎

Pages 1370-1386


Attia Bachiri; Ahmed Amine Daikh; Abdelouahed Tounsi

Studying the Strengthening Effect of Railway Ballast in the ‎Direct Shear Test due to Insertion of Middle-size Ballast Particles

Pages 1387-1397


Jianxing Liu; Mykola Sysyn; Zhiye Liu; Lei Kou; Ping Wang

Analysis of a Hyperbolic Heat Transfer Model in Blood-perfused ‎Biological Tissues with Laser Heating

Pages 1398-1406


C.F. Munafo; P. Rogolino

Computational and Experimental Study of the Composite ‎Material for the Centrifugal Pump Impellers Manufacturing

Pages 1407-1421


Madina Isametova; Rollan Nussipali; Dimitar Karaivanov; Zhastalap Abilkhair; Aysen Isametov

Free Vibration Analysis of 2D Functionally Graded Strip Beam using Finite ‎Element Method‎

Pages 1422-1430


Meshal A. Al-Zahrani; Saeed A. Asiri; Khaled I. Ahmed; Mohamed A. Eltaher

Neural Networks with Input Dimensionality Reduction for ‎Efficient Temperature Distribution Prediction in a Warm ‎Stamping Process

Pages 1431-1444


Chun Kit Jeffery Hou; Kamran Behdinan

Impact of the Narrowing System at Different Locations and ‎Heights on the Performance of a Plane Solar Collector

Pages 1445-1455


Hamidou Benzenine; Said Abboudi

Pull-in Instability Analysis of a Nanocantilever Based on the ‎Two-Phase Nonlocal Theory of Elasticity

Pages 1456-1466


Gennadi Mikhasev; Enrico Radi; Vyacheslav Misnik

Comparative Study of Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann and Vorticity-‎vector Potential Modelling of 2D and 3D Natural Convection ‎Combined with Rosseland Radiation

Pages 1467-1479


Alexander Nee

Technical Brief

A Simplified Analytical Method for Detuning Periodic Pile Barriers

Pages 1480-1487


Jiahua Zhou; Yonggang Gao; Zhifei Shi