Analytical Investigations for the Joint Impacts of Electro-osmotic and Some Relevant Parameters to Blood Flow in Mildly Stenosis Artery

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, College of Education for Pure Science, Basrah University, Basrah, Basrah, 61001, Iraq


The joint impacts of electro-osmotic, variable viscosity, magnetic field, chemical reaction, and porosity on blood flow in the artery slant from the axis at an angle with mild stenosis are investigated using Yang transform homotopy perturbation method (YTHPM). The mathematical model, solved by Tripathi and Sharma, is developed by adding the effect of electro-osmosis. The results of axial velocity, concentration, temperature, and the wall shear stress for blood flow are studied in two cases, the absence and presence of electro-osmosis. The results illustrate that an increase in the electro-osmotic parameter and Helmholtz Smoluchowski velocity leads to velocity increases, while the temperature increases when the Joule heating increases with constant values of electro-osmotic parameter and Helmholtz Smoluchowski velocity. On the contrary, it is noted that the electro-osmotic on concentration has no significant effect. Moreover, the importance of applying electro-osmotic is exhibited through proper use and explaining that how it can benefit physicians during surgical operations. Furthermore, a contour plot is created to show the difference in the profile of velocity to the flow of blood when the magnetic field is increased and the altitude of stenosis takes the larger values. The results exhibit that YTHPM is effective in finding the analytical approximate solutions for Newtonian blood flow under the electro-osmotic parameter influence, with good convergence. In addition, the new solutions' graphs demonstrate the truthfulness, utility, and exigency of YTHPM which are in excellent agreement with the results of earlier investigations.


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