Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2023, Pages 1-301 

Research Paper

Optimization of Spark Ignition Engine Performance using a New ‎Double Intake Manifold: Experimental and Numerical Analysis

Pages 1-14


Mostafa Khajezade Roodi; Ali Jalali; Ali Hedayati; Amin Amiri Delouei

A New Approach for Exergoeconomics Evaluation by Considering ‎Uncertainty with Monte Carlo Method

Pages 15-24


Mahyar Momen; Ali Behbahaninia

Numerical and Experimental Investigation on Post-buckling ‎Behavior of Stiffened Cylindrical Shells with Cutout subject to ‎Uniform Axial Compression

Pages 25-44


Amir Reza Shahani; Faraz Kiarasi

Potential of Semi-Empirical Heat Transfer Models in Predicting ‎the Effects of Equivalence Ratio on Low Temperature Reaction ‎and High Temperature Reaction Heat Release of an HCCI Engine

Pages 45-57


Masoud Rabeti; Omid Jahanian; Ali Akbar Ranjbar; Seyed Mohammad Safieddin Ardebili; Hamit Solmaz

Calculation of Backscattered Ultrasonic Waves Field from a ‎Copper-clad Steel Rod Immersing in Water and Effect of Clad ‎Corrosion and Interfacial Disbond between Clad and Rod Defects ‎on this Field using the Finite Element Method

Pages 58-71


Omid Noormohammadi Arani; Mehdi Zeighami Salimabad; Amin Yaghootian; Mohammadreza Kari

Numerical Simulation of Fuzzy Volterra Integro-differential ‎Equation using Improved Runge-Kutta Method

Pages 72-82


Faranak Rabiei; Fatin Abd Hamid; Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi; Zeeshan Ali; Kamal Shah; Kamyar Hosseini; Touraj‎ Khodadadi

Numerical Modeling of Fluid’s Aeration: Analysis of the Power ‎Losses and Lubricant Distribution in Gearboxes

Pages 83-94


Marco Nicola Mastrone; Franco Concli

CFD Analyses and Comparison of the Effect of Industrial Heat ‎Sinks in Subsea Control System (SCS)‎

Pages 95-112


Jafar Mahmoudi

Bifurcation of Fiber-Reinforced Cylindrical Membranes under ‎Extension, Inflation, and Swelling

Pages 113-128


Heiko Topol; Murtadha J. Al-Chlaihawi; Hasan Demirkoparan; José Merodio

Multibody Modeling and Nonlinear Control of a Pantograph Scissor Lift Mechanism

Pages 129-167


Carmine Maria Pappalardo; Rosario La Regina; Domenico Guida

Bernoulli-Euler Beam Unsteady Bending Model with ‎Consideration of Heat and Mass Transfer

Pages 168-180


Andrei V. Zemskov; Le Van Hao; Dmitry V. Tarlakovskii

A Reduced-Order Simulation Methodology for Nanosecond-Pulsed Plasmas in a Backward-Facing ‎Step Supersonic Combustor Configuration

Pages 181-194


Luis F. Alvarez; Albio D. Gutierrez

Flow Structure when Filling a Channel with a Curable Liquid

Pages 195-204


Evgeny I. Borzenko; Gennady R. Shrager

Self-damping of Optical Ground Wire‎ Cables: A Bayesian Approach

Pages 205-216


Damián Federico Campos; Enrique Eduardo Löser; Marcelo Tulio Piovan

Sweep Blade Design for an Axial Wind Turbine using a Surrogate-‎assisted Differential Evolution Algorithm

Pages 217-225


Nantiwat Pholdee; Sumit Kumar; Sujin Bureerat; Weerapon Nuantong; Watcharin Dongbang

Accuracy and Convergence Rate Comparative Investigation on ‎Polytope Smoothed and Scaled Boundary Finite Element

Pages 226-238


Boonchai Phungpaingam; Suthee Piyaphipat; Kamtornkiat Musiket

Static Buckling of 2D FG Porous Plates Resting on Elastic ‎Foundation based on Unified Shear Theories‎

Pages 239-258


Amr E. Assie; Salwa M. Mohamed; Rabab A. Shanab; Rasha M. Abo-bakr; Mohamed A. Eltaher

Two-node Curved Inverse Finite Element Formulations based on ‎Exact Strain-displacement Solution

Pages 259-273


Pierclaudio Savino; Francesco Tondolo

Analytical Investigations for the Joint Impacts of Electro-osmotic and Some Relevant Parameters to Blood Flow in Mildly Stenosis Artery

Pages 274-293


Takia Ahmed J. Al-Griffi; Abdul-Sattar J. Al-Saif

An Alternative Procedure for Longitudinal Vibration Analysis of ‎Bars with Arbitrary Boundary Conditions

Pages 294-301


Gülçin TEKİN; Safiye ECER; Fethi KADIOĞLU