Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2, May 2015, Pages 52-111 

Research Paper

Analytical bending solution of fully clamped orthotropic rectangular plates resting on elastic foundations by the finite integral transform method

Pages 52-58


Ali Mohammad Moniri Bidgoli; Ali Reza Daneshmehr; Reza Kolahchi

Solution of strongly nonlinear oscillator problem arising in Plasma Physics with Newton Harmonic Balance Method

Pages 59-66


Mohammad Mehdi Mashinchi Joubari; Mohammad Hadi Pashaei; Hamid Javaniyan Jouybari

Design of an Adaptive-Neural Network Attitude Controller of a Satellite using Reaction Wheels

Pages 67-73


Abbas Ajorkar; Alireza Fazlyab; Farhad Fani saberi; Mansour Kabganian

Numerical Investigation on Slot air Jet impingement Heat Transfer between Horizontal Concentric Circular Cylinders

Pages 74-82


Arash Azimi; Mehdi Ashjaee; Morteza Khayat

Investigation the effects of injection pressure and compressibility and nozzle entry in diesel injector nozzle’s flow

Pages 83-94


Seyed mohammadjavad Zeidi; Miralam Mahdi

Technical Brief

Optimizing Hydro Power Turbines in Order to Secure the Passage of Fishes in Khuzestan province

Pages 95-102


Moona Mohammadi; Ali Reza Mohammadi; Mohammad Reza Mohammadi

An investigation the effects of geometric tolerances on the natural frequencies of rotating shafts

Pages 103-111


Ali Akbar Ansarifard; Abdolrahman Jaamialahmadi