The Method of Lines Analysis of Heat Transfer of Ostwald-de Waele Fluid Generated by a Non-uniform Rotating Disk with a Variable Thickness

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Benha Faculty of Engineering, Benha University, Egypt


In this article, it is aimed to address one of Ostwald-de Waele fluid problems that either, has not been addressed or very little focused on. Considering the impacts of heat involving in the Non-Newtonian flow, a variant thickness of the disk is additionally considered which is governed by the relation z = a (r/RO+1)-m. The rotating Non-Newtonian flow dynamics are represented by the system of highly nonlinear coupled partial differential equations. To seek a formidable solution of this nonlinear phenomenon, the application of the method of lines using von Kármán’s transformation is implemented to reduce the given PDEs into a system of nonlinear coupled ordinary differential equations. A numerical solution is considered as the ultimate option, for such nonlinear flow problems, both closed-form solution and an analytical solution are hard to come by. The method of lines scheme is preferred to obtain the desired solution which is found to be more reliable and in accordance with the required physical expectation. Eventually, some new marvels are found. Results indicate that, unlike the flat rotating disk, the local radial skin friction coefficients and tangential decrease with the fluid physical power-law exponent increases, the peak in the radial velocity rises which is significantly distinct from the results of a power-law fluid over a flat rotating disk. The local radial skin friction coefficient increases as the disk thickness index  increases, while local tangential skin friction coefficient decreases, the local Nusselt number decrease, both the thickness of the velocity and temperature boundary layer increase. 


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