Solution of the Problem of Analytical Construction of Optimal ‎Regulators for a Fractional Order Oscillatory System in the ‎General Case

Document Type : Research Paper


Institute of Applied Mathematics, Baku State University, Z. Khalilov, 23, AZ1148 Baku, Azerbaijan‎


An algorithm is proposed for solving the problem of analytical constructing of an optimal fractional-order regulator (OFOR) in the general case. By inscribing the extended functional, the corresponding fractional order Euler-Lagrange equation is determined. Then, using the Mittag-Leffler function, a fundamental solution to the corresponding Hamiltonian system is constructed. It is shown that to obtain an analogue of the analytical construction of AM Letov's regulators, the order of the fractional derivatives must be a rational number, the denominator and numerator of which are odd numbers. Numerical illustrative examples are provided.


Main Subjects

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