The Impact of Marangoni Convection and Radiation on Flow of ‎Ternary Nanofluid in a Porous Medium with Mass Transpiration

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, Shivagangotri, Davangere University, Davangere, India-577 007‎

2 Institute for Single Crystals, NAS Ukraine, Nauky Ave. 60, Kharkov 61001, Ukraine‎


The current paper examines the impact of radiation and Marangoni convective boundary conditions on the flow of ternary hybrid nanofluids in a porous medium with mass transpiration effect on it. Estimated PDEs are converted to ODEs with consideration of the corresponding similarity transformations. The obtained non-dimensional reduced equations are solved by analytical process. A unique access based on the Laplace transform (LT) is used to find analytical solutions to the resulting equations. With the use of graphs, the exact solution may be investigated in the presence of many physical parameters such as solid volume fraction parameter, mass transpiration, porosity, radiation. The fluid flow contains three types of nanoparticles: spherical Silver (Ag), cylindrical SWCNT, and platelet graphene. Because of the shape composition of ternary hybrid nanoparticles, variation in concentrations is a primary factor of thermal performance. The shape of nanoparticles in ternary hybrid nanofluids has a major impact, and its application has the advantage of improving the cooling system's thermo-hydraulic performance.


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