Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2020, Pages 183-372 

Research Paper

Viscoelastic Micropolar Convection Flows from an Inclined Plane with Nonlinear Temperature: A Numerical Study

Pages 183-199


S. Abdul Gaffar; P. Ramesh Reddy; V. Ramachandra Prasad; A. Subba Rao; B. Md. Hidayathulla Khan

Exact Solution for Nonlinear Local Fractional Partial Differential Equations

Pages 200-208


Djelloul Ziane; Mountassir Hamdi Cherif; Dumitru Baleanu; Kacem Belghaba

Effect of Corrugated Baffles on the Flow and Thermal Fields in a Channel Heat Exchanger

Pages 209-218


Houari Ameur

Efficient Solution of Nonlinear Duffing Oscillator

Pages 219-234


Iman Khatami; Ehsan Zahedi; Mohsen Zahedi

Implicit RBF Meshless Method for the Solution of Two-dimensional Variable Order Fractional Cable Equation

Pages 235-247


Akbar Mohebbi; Marziyeh Saffarian

On the Influence of Riveting Process Parameters on Fatigue Life of Riveted Lap Joint

Pages 248-258


Pedram Zamani; Khalil Farhangdoost

Unsteady Hydromagnetic Flow of Eyring-Powell Nanofluid over an Inclined Permeable Stretching Sheet with Joule Heating and Thermal Radiation

Pages 259-270


Bharath Kumar; Suripeddi Srinivas

Numerical Simulation of Non-Newtonian Inelastic Flows in Channel based on Artificial Compressibility Method

Pages 271-283


Reisan Y. Yasir; Alaa H. Al-Muslimawi; Bashaeer K. Jassim

Effect of Coating Materials on the Fatigue Behavior of Hip Implants: A Three-dimensional Finite Element Analysis

Pages 284-295


Ayham Darwich; Hasan Nazha; Monzer Daoud

Slip Effects on Ohmic Dissipative Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow in the Presence of Aligned Magnetic Field

Pages 296-306


P. Renuka; B. Ganga; K. Kalivanan; A.K. Abdul Hakeem

Mesoscopic Simulation of Forced Convective Heat Transfer of Carreau-Yasuda Fluid Flow over an Inclined Square: Temperature-dependent Viscosity

Pages 307-319


Ali Jalali; Amin Amiri Delouei; Mojtaba Khorashadizadeh; A.M. Golmohamadi; Sajjad Karimnejad

A Modified Energy Balance Method to Obtain Higher-order Approximations to the Oscillators with Cubic and Harmonic Restoring Force

Pages 320-331


Md Alal Hosen; Gamal Ismail; Ahmet Yildirim; M.A.S. Kamal

Experimental Investigation and Optimizing Geometrical Characteristics and Surface Quality in Drilling of AISI H13 Steel

Pages 332-343


Farshid Jafarian; Hojjat Samarikhalaj

A Parameter Uniform Numerical Scheme for Singularly Perturbed Differential-difference Equations with Mixed Shifts

Pages 344-356


P. Mushahary; S. R. Sahu; J. Mohapatra

An Analytical Approach of Nonlinear Thermo-mechanical Buckling of Functionally Graded Graphene-reinforced Composite Laminated Cylindrical Shells under Compressive Axial Load Surrounded by Elastic Foundation

Pages 357-372


Ngoc Ly Le; Thi Phuong Nguyen; Hoai Nam Vu; Thoi Trung Nguyen; Minh Duc Vu