1. Chaos Control in Gear Transmission System using GPC and SMC ‎Controllers

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 26 April 2020


Mohammad Hossein Gharagozloo; Aref Shahmansoorian

2. Four Legged Guará Robot: From Inspiration to Implementation

Volume 7, Issue 3, Summer 2021, Pages 1425-1434


Antônio Bento Filho; Cristiane Pescador Tonetto; Rafhael Milanezi de Andrade

3. Regularization of the Movement of a Material Point Along a Flat ‎Trajectory: Application to Robotics Problems

Volume 7, Issue 3, Summer 2021, Pages 1726-1736


Dinara Azimova; Balgaisha Mukanova; Maxat Akhmetzhanov

4. Robust P-H∞ Integrated Controller for Flexible Link Manipulator ‎System in the Presence of Disturbance

Volume 7, Issue 2, Spring 2021, Pages 646-654


Esmail Ali Alandoli; T. S. Lee; Chu A. My; Marwan Qaid Mohammed

5. Control of Actuators Torques for Optimal Movement along a ‎Given Trajectory for the DexTAR Robot

Volume 7, Issue 1, Winter 2021, Pages 165-176


Balgaisha Mukanova

6. On Robust Adaptive PD Control of Robot Manipulators

Volume 6, Special Issue, Autumn 2020, Pages 1450-1466


Hancheol Cho

7. Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controller for MIMO Peripheral Milling Process

Volume 6, Issue 3, Summer 2020, Pages 480-492


Arash Bahari Kordabad; Mehrdad Boroushaki

8. A New Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter for a Class of Nonlinear Systems

Volume 6, Issue 1, Winter 2020, Pages 1-12


Iyad Hashlamon

9. Modified U-Slot Stacked Micro-Strip Patch Antenna for Ultra-Wideband Applications in S Band, C Band and X Band

Volume 3, Issue 4, Autumn 2017, Pages 293-301


Monika Surana; Amit Kumar Jain

10. Using the Matrix Method to Compute the Degrees of Freedom of Mechanisms

Volume 3, Issue 3, Summer 2017, Pages 158-170


Kambiz Ghaemi Osgouie; Bahman Gard

11. Performance Analysis of Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images Based on Color Image Segmentation

Volume 3, Issue 2, Spring 2017, Pages 144-149


Praveen Agarwal; Shilpi Jain; Ruchika Garg

12. Modified Rectangular Patch Antenna Loaded With Multiple C Slots for Multiple Applications

Volume 2, Issue 3, Summer 2016, Pages 192-199


Amit Kumar Jain; Monika Surana

13. Design of an Adaptive-Neural Network Attitude Controller of a Satellite using Reaction Wheels

Volume 1, Issue 2, Spring 2015, Pages 67-73


Abbas Ajorkar; Alireza Fazlyab; Farhad Fani saberi; Mansour Kabganian

14. Global Finite Time Synchronization of Two Nonlinear Chaotic Gyros Using High Order Sliding Mode Control

Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2015, Pages 26-34


Mohammad Reza Behjameh; Hadi Delavari; Ahmadreza Vali