Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 3, July 2024, Pages 422-651 

Research Paper

Enhancing the Performance and Coordination of Multi-Point Absorbers for Efficient Power Generation and Grid Synchronization Control

Pages 422-442


Ali Alnujaie; Abderrahmane Berkani; Karim Negadi; Lazreg Hadji; Mofareh Hassan Ghazwani

Application of a Generalized Isotropic Yield Criterion to Determining Limit Load Solutions for Highly Undermatched Welded Bars in Tension

Pages 443-454


Sergei Alexandrov; Stanislav Strashnov; Yong Li

An Impact of Induced Magnetic and Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux Model on Nanofluid Flow across a Stretching Sheet

Pages 455-464


K.M. Nihaal; U.S. Mahabaleshwar; L.M. PĂ©rez; P. Cattani

Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Cutting and Tearing of Silicone Rubber using Extended Finite Element Method

Pages 465-478


Marwa Gzaiel; Ennouri Triki; Abdelwahed Barkaoui

Computational Analysis of Hybrid Nanofluid Flow in a Double-Tube Heat Exchanger: A Numerical Study

Pages 479-487


Djamel Abdelkader BRAKNA; Hamidou BENZENINE

Bio-Convection Flow of Sutterby Nanofluid with Motile Microbes on Stretchable Sheet: Exponentially Varying Viscosity

Pages 488-502


Galal M. Moatimid; Nasser S. Elgazery; Mona A.A. Mohamed; Khaled Elagamy

Lyapunov-Based Tracking Control of a Bi-Rotor

Pages 503-520


Mohammad Ganji-Nahoji; Ali Keymasi-Khalaji

Applying Optimal Control Algorithm to Estimate Muscle Activation during the Gait Cycle

Pages 521-530


Morteza Farrokhnia; Seyyed Arash Haghpanah

An Effective Damage Identification Method Combining Double-Window Principal Component Analysis with AutoGluon

Pages 531-546


Ge Zhang; Neng Wei; Ying Zhou; Licheng Zhou; Gongfa Chen; Zejia Liu; Bao Yang; Zhenyu Jiang; Yiping Liu; Liqun Tang

Review Paper

A Scoping Review of the Thermoelectric Generator Systems Designs (Heat Exchangers and Coolers) with Locations of Application to Recover Energy from Internal Combustion Engines

Pages 547-583


Mohammed Y. Jabbar; Saba Y. Ahmed; Salwan Obaid Waheed Khafaji

Research Paper

The Effect of Magneto-hydrodynamics on Curved Circular Plate and Porous-rough Flat Plate with Non-Newtonian Fluid

Pages 584-596


J. Jayaprakash; Vediyappan Govindan; Jagadiash Patil; Bannihalli N. Hanumagowda; Hijaz Ahmad; Jagadish V. Tawade

Enhanced Flow and Temperature Profiles in Ternary Hybrid Nanofluid with Gyrotactic Microorganisms: A Study on Magnetic Field, Brownian Motion, and Thermophoresis Phenomena

Pages 597-609


Ahmed S. Rashed; Tarek A. Mahmoud; Samah M. Mabrouk

The Flow of Jeffrey Nanofluid through Cone-Disk Gap for Thermal Applications using Artificial Neural Networks

Pages 610-628


Abeer S. Alnahdi; Zeeshan Khan; Taza Gul; Hijaz Ahmad

Isogeometric Resolution of the Brinkman-Forchheimer-Darcy

Pages 629-642


Ouadie Koubaiti; Lahcen El Ouadefli; Ahmed Elkhalfi; Abdeslam El Akkad; Sorin Vlase; Marin Marin

A Dual Lagrange Multiplier Approach for the Dynamics of the Mechanical Systems

Pages 643-651


Naveed Anjum; Ji-Huan He