Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2, April 2024, Pages 224-421 

Research Paper

On the Thermomechanical Behavior of Laminated Composite Plates using different Micromechanical-based Models for Coefficients of Thermal Expansion (CTE)

Pages 224-244


Noureddine Taibi; Zakaria Belabed; Belhadj Boucham; Mohamed Benguediab; Abdelouahed Tounsi; Khaled Mohamed Khedher; Mohamed Abdelaziz Salem

Application of Breakage Models to Particle Speeds Simulated by Discrete Element Methods

Pages 245-259


M.A. Castro; J. Yarasca; A.J. Castro; J.L. Mantari

Study of Hybrid Composite Joints with Thin-ply-reinforced Adherends under High-rate and Impact Loadings

Pages 260-271


Farin Ramezani; Ricardo J.C. Carbas; Eduardo A.S. Marques; Lucas F.M. da Silva

Unsteady Meshfree Framework for Double-diffusive Natural Convection with Boundary and Geometry Effects

Pages 272-286


Judy P. Yang; I-Ting Liao

Entropy Analysis of Darcy-Forchheimer Model of Prandtl Nanofluid over a Curved Stretching Sheet and Heat Transfer Optimization by ANOVA-Taguchi Technique

Pages 287-303


B. Nagaraja; B. J. Gireesha; F. Almeida; P. Kumar; A.R. Ajaykumar

Thermal Performance Study of Plate-finned Vapor Chamber Heat Sink

Pages 304-316


Mohammed A. Al-Rahman; Saeed A.A. Ibrahim; M. Elfaisal Elrefaie

Dynamics of Damped and Undamped Wave Natures of the Fractional Kraenkel-Manna-Merle System in Ferromagnetic Materials

Pages 317-329


Md. Nur Alam; Md. Abdur Rahim; Md. Najmul Hossain; Cemil Tunç

A Novel Exponential Zigzag Function Coupled High-order Beam Theory for Advanced Laminated Composite Analysis

Pages 330-341


Leonardo Fellipe Prado Leite; Fabio Carlos da Rocha

Gold Nanoparticles’ Morphology Affects Blood Flow near a Wavy Biological Tissue Wall: An Application for Cancer Therapy

Pages 342-356


Ji-Huan He; Nasser S. Elgazery; Nader Y. Abd Elazem

Convective Instability in Forchheimer-Prats Configuration with a Saturating Power-Law Fluid

Pages 357-368


Hanae El Fakiri; Hajar Lagziri; Abdelmajid El Bouardi; Mohammed Lhassane Lahlaouti

Magnetic Field Influence on Thermophoretic Micropolar Fluid Flow over an Inclined Permeable Surface: A Numerical Study

Pages 369-382


Parakapali Roja; Thummala Sankar Reddy; Shaik Mohammed Ibrahim; Meruva Parvathi; Gurram Dharmaiah; Giulio Lorenzini

Monitoring Dynamical Behavior and Optical Solutions of Space-Time Fractional Order Double-Chain Deoxyribonucleic Acid Model Considering the Atangana’s Conformable Derivative

Pages 383-391


Samah M. Mabrouk; Abdul‐Majid Wazwaz; Ahmed S. Rashed

Investigating the Effects of Air Duct Dimensions on Aeration and Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Surface-piercing Propeller

Pages 392-405


Mojtaba Pakian Bushehri; Mohammad Reza Golbahar Haghighi; Parviz Malekzadeh; Ehsan Bahmyari

New Variational Principles for Two Kinds of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation in Shallow Water

Pages 406-412


Xiao-Qun Cao; Meng-Ge Zhou; Si-Hang Xie; Ya-Nan Guo; Ke-Cheng Peng

Steady Gyrostatic Nanofluid Flow past a Permeable Stretching/shrinking Sheet with Velocity Slip Condition using the Nanofluid Model Proposed by Buongiorno

Pages 413-421


Waqar Khan Usafzai; Ioan Pop; Emad H. Aly