1. An Exact Analytical Solution for Heat Conduction in a ‎Functionally Graded Conical Shell

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 18 December 2020


Amin Amiri Delouei; Amin Emamian; Sajjad Karimnejad; Yueming Li

2. Size Effect on the Axisymmetric Vibrational Response of ‎Functionally Graded Circular Nano-Plate Based on the Nonlocal Stress-Driven Method

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 21 September 2021


Mojtaba Shariati; Mohammad Shishesaz; Reza Mosalmani; S. Alireza S. Roknizadeh

3. Analysis of Axisymmetric Vibration of Functionally-Graded ‎Circular Nano-Plate Based on the Integral Form of the Strain ‎Gradient Model

Volume 7, Issue 4, Autumn 2021, Pages 2196-2220


Mortaza Pourabdy; Mohammad Shishesaz; Shahram Shahrooi; S. Alireza S. Roknizadeh

4. The Relations between the Various Critical Temperatures of Thin ‎FGM Plates

Volume 6, Special Issue, Autumn 2020, Pages 1404-1419


Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Hassan; Naci Kurgan; Nihat Can

5. Nonlinear Bending Analysis of Functionally Graded Plates Using SQ4T Elements based on Twice Interpolation Strategy

Volume 6, Issue 1, Winter 2020, Pages 125-136


Hoang Lan Ton That; Hieu Nguyen-Van; Thanh Chau-Dinh

6. Elastic Behavior of Functionally Graded Two Tangled Circles Chamber

Volume 5, Issue 4, Spring 2019, Pages 667-679


Javad Jafari Fesharaki; Mehran Roghani

7. Bending, Buckling and Vibration of a Functionally Graded Porous Beam Using Finite Elements

Volume 3, Issue 4, Autumn 2017, Pages 274-282


Noha Fouda; Tawfik El-midany; A. M. Sadoun

8. Thermoelastic Analysis of Functionally Graded Hollow Cylinder Subjected to Uniform Temperature Field

Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring 2016, Pages 118-127


Dilip B Kamdi; Navneet Kumar Lamba

9. Pull-in behavior analysis of vibrating functionally graded micro-cantilevers under suddenly DC voltage

Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2015, Pages 17-25


Jamal Zare